Quneo Awesome Looking Controller

I’ve been mulling over an MPD 32 but had heard poor news about the pads and maschine is prohibitively expensive. Then I happened across this thingy (I’d have to wait till atleast March but it would end up being same price as MPD32).

Looks insane. Although I wouldn’t rely on the pads being as nice to play as an MPC.

It has a good omniversial potential here.
A pity the system they use doesn’t support paypal. They would have had a lot more coin i suspect.

Yeah the lack of paypal is a problem for me. The deadline to back the thing is coming up, too. They use the Amazon pay system; crap

Just pledged for the version with MIDI board. Hope I’m not the only Renoiser to give one a go…

Is it really that hard to sign up to Amazon? PayPal sucks! Direct card payment would of been better.

Better if you have a credit card :rolleyes:. I’m just annoyed cos I have a paypal balance I could use and it would be easier to pay out of that than get paypal to credit my bank account. That said, mum and dad’ll pay for part on their credit cards… so.
I’m gonna take a leap of (not uninformed) faith and get one too.
This will be the first controller I’ll use with duplex, have you tried mocking up an interface preset kazacore? I imagine your better versed to do it than I am.

Not even looked at Duplex properly, not done more with MIDI than quickly connecting a couple of controllers for jamming with friends when getting home mashed after a party. As most (all?) of it is XYZ controllers it might be vaguely hard to do with the standard Duplex and I’m assuming/hoping the OSC API is going to be easy to work with that of Renoise…

Ok I’m getting it! Do you expect I’ll be asked to pay customs tax?

this looks really cool. I’ve been thinking about getting a midi-controller for quite some time, but havent really been convinced by anything. this however I might actually buy. I would like to see some more videos of it in action though…

I hope not! ;)

Yeah more videos would be cool. The only real one at the moment is terrible for really showing the capabilities, but what do you expect when he’s quickly just assigned pressure to note repeat rate and the XY of the pads to filter and distortion. Hopefully something truly inspiring will come out soon, otherwise just use your imagination to the capabilities and read up on what it can do ;)

That’s easy to say if you have a credit card but not everybody has one.

Paypal withdraws the coin directly from my international bankaccount, Amazon only supports U.S. and corporate bankaccounts, so paypal is the far more advanced and dynamic option here. Amazon can perhaps be very amazing on various areas, but as long as they aren’t representing themselves wide enough internationally, it is utterly useless for me to sign up.

I only have Debit card but it is a Visa…

Just looked and for the One Click Purchasing option I thought you had to associate it to your bank account with verification, like to get PayPal properly set up and verified, which you should be able to do from any account but you’re correct that I can only see options for the main types of card.

Although Renoise doesn’t accept PayPal so how did you all buy your licence? I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect most people to have Visa or Master Card in their wallet these days. You can use an ethical bank such as Co-Op and still have Visa after all.

Renoise didn’t accepted paypal, this is different now with Avantgarde. But back then i had a credit-card indeed, but after my divorce, my financial backup dissolved with it and my bank revoked the mastercard because of that. Rules have become more limited here since the financial crisis.

Enough spoken about credit cards back on topic, i asked the developer about paypal support, this was the reply of one of the employees:

So watch their website after january 9th if you indeed rely on paypal. (also count on extra fee for shipping internationally and perhaps post-taxe bills)

New video.

Brilliant. The lights look more continuous than in previous videos. I do think that the sliders and knobs should have more precise lights around the edge maybe, but I watch the screen anyway, and if you play by sound it’s not an issue.

The sequencer and pad options are great.
I asked them about that slider on the bottom and they said it can send continuous midi note, cc or osc data for two points and/or the space between the two points. 2 note polyphonic ribbon controller!!!

I also asked about customs and import vat. They are obliged to put a customs invoice for US $80 in the shipment because we download the software from their site??! <_< They can’t mark the item as gift if you pay by pledge.

I assume you’ve seen this then?

All sliders and knobs can be multi-touch but seems only the long one is in the default configuration it comes packaged with.

$80 on customs invoice, hopefully import tax isn’t too much then…

No, but you can lower the costs when using an RMA process, however that requires you to send something to them first and then they have to use the same RMA form to “return” you the “repaired” article.
But the best official way around it would be convincing a local dealer to purchase a large stock and sell it to you with less overhead costs; Dealers often can deduct these kind of taxes from their profit taxes.

My name is Matt Hettich & I’m the product specialist at KMI. I work in office in Berkeley and am currently the guy working on MIDI mapping and the QuNeo MIDI layout!

Another thing: I’ve been using Renoise (almost exclusively) since 2003 or 2004 and tracking for much longer…

I will (personally) be using QuNeo mostly with Renoise!

All that to say, I expect Renoise and QuNeo will get along nicely! This community is close to my heart, so feel free to e-mail me any questions: matt@keithmcmillen.com

Matt Hettich
Product Specialist @ KMI
Wake @ Proximal Records

Welcome to the forum Matt. That is good news to hear :)

I guess you didn’t hear about the new XYPad application then - seems almost like a perfect fit for this type of controller?
But yeah, it’s a new paradigm since the thing has both pressure sensitivity AND can detect the pressed location. I guess the important question is “how should this be put to use?”

Woot!! You can expect me to drop you a few questions about the unit’s specifications for sure