Radium - a better(?) tracker...


Alright! finally arrived!
user @TNT is an absolute legend in my book now for this. Cheers, mate :beers:

Thanks! I will definitely be rockin this out and about at events and such


It was a pleasure, mate. :wink:
I’m not 100% satisfied with the result (you know the reason), but it’s good and now that I know the settings it will be better in future if you need another shirt. When you wish obnoxious colors things can happen. So it took exactly 14 days until the shipment has arrived. Good to know. I think from now on it will take a lot longer within the next 4 weeks during christmas business. It seems the selected size fits pretty well?

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Yes, pretty well, although I think I could have gone a size smaller and it would have been a bit better fit. But, all things considered, baggy > tight :+1:

Just wash it hot :hotsprings:

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