Radium Music Editor - A new Beast in the Tracker Zoo

I don’t think this has been posted yet here, so just in case:
Radium - The Music Editor

This claims to be a cross platform Qt4 tracker that uses PureData as a backend - the modular part looks rather Buzz like.
I couldn’t build it so far on x86 (2GB RAM doesn’t seems to be sufficient), but there are some demo binaries available for proprietary platforms.



renoise clone :D

new? ages old ^_^

hmm, right - swallowing my post…

Something like Aodix, some interesting features than Renoise lacks but not good usability…

I tried it at least a year ago, back then it was a non-stop crashfest, very very unstable. Really nice interface ideas though.

Old topic

I remembered it being mentioned, so did the old “site:forum.renoise.com radium” search on google :slight_smile: