Random Pattern Line - Render To Sample

As this ( New Tool: Reverse Playback ) reverse pattern scrolling script from Moque proofs; you can still make a selection in the pattern-editor and right-mouse click select, ‘render selection to sample’. Rendering doesn’t stop working! It takes the length of the selection into account, but renders the lines in the opposite direction.

Maybe someone can hack Mogue’s script in that it randomly plays lines in a pattern, maybe have some control over the randomness, and hopefully the render selection to sample option keeps on working here similarly.

Could be an interesting way to render beats or new sounds imo.



…this suggestion has been down right fail, thats why I’m bumping it :)

to clarify, I’m not that interested in realtime random pattern playing, but be able to have a pattern selection be stepped through randomly when rendering it to sample.

heh yeah, would be cool. :)