Random Rediculous Music Skills

You know how every once in a while you are on youtube and you come across a video that makes you go… “holy crap”. And for all you know it’s something even your mom has seen already and you haven’t? Well, I don’t know if this is one of those videos. But I came across a drummer named Jacob Armen, who is just amazing.

Then I came across him playing what sounds like some sort of Asian instrument to me. I’m just watching him play it and am blown away. Thought I’d share it with the forum… absolutely amazing.


Yeah pretty sick skills. Like this performance. Maybe this topic should stay and we put here videos people with such musical skills.


damn gypsies and their virtuoso genes :)


when he was a kid:


This can go on and on and on… I remember I saw dozens of videos like these, Flight of the bumblebee, Guitar World Record 320 BPM and others… I used to wonder how come not these people are up there in the top and why do we barely ever hear anything about them.
Recently I’m following this guy:

Ohh shiiii-

No words… just…

Polish “Got talent” winner Marcin Wyrostek :)

If quantizing sloppily played notes is a “ridiculous musical skill” I could post a link to myself. Unfortunately it’s not. I think figuring out how my e-mu 1820m routing works is almost a “ridiculous musical skill”… but I haven’t really figured that so so I don’t qualify for that either. But… if watching hours of oldskool rave music on youtube is a “ridiculous musical skill” then I definitely qualify for that.

Man, some of the links posted in this thread are just so impressive. Wow!!

as i knew someone would point out in the comments section of this video: “33/8 = 7/4 + 7/4 + 5/8, just like in the Counting Blues in 33/8 video.”

so if you know 7/4 and 5/8 this isn’t particularly hard to play.
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Oh yeah, now I know that I really hate the whole concept, sound and performance.

Great idea for a topic, here are some of my faves-


Yeh, you can imagine what he’s like from it. Little dweeb

That’s Piazzolla’s Libertango they are playing. On accordeon though, i think it is a bit easier to learn to play this piece on accordeon than on a bandoneon.
Not a bad variation. I’m not fond of the violist doing his solo part though.

yes, that one is fucking cool. i always thought that stuff should be possible, but before this video (saw it before) i never seen anyone do it. respect.

check that one out, and (aside from the body-taps), watch out for the little section starting around 2.35 which contains a tuning-knob-twist-pitchshift. how fucking sick is that.

Tommy Emmanuel no words to describe :)

Creative use of guitar. My favorite one :)

Hold out to the end.
Very few singers ever can amass so much feeling.

Some beautiful and impressive songs have been posted here! Inspiring. Certainly says a lot for picking one thing, dedicating a lot of work to it and becoming very good at it.

Don’t despair though, fellow Renoisers. I’m sure most of these people are nowhere near as good as you are at producing using Renoise. We regularly produce ridiculous excellence using this mighty tool.

To continue the thread, here’s Vai doing his crazy thing. There are many different live versions of this song, each bringing out different nuance and improvisation during the end section, but now here is the latest version:



(now, dont’ get me wrong: some of the links posted here are of people who have great skill, stand on their own and have what it takes to sell tickets for a set!)

but in general i’d say that just being skilled at an instrument alone isn’t enough to become a performing artist. the best analogy i’ve ever heard is: you won’t become a great footballer by being the best at doing keepie uppies! http://en.wikipedia…ki/Keepie_uppie

producing your own material is much more important and that’s why i rather read these forums than other music forums which are more performance focused. also, it’s becoming more and more clear with all these youtube prodigies that the mechanics of playing an instrument can be taught at a very young age and is mostly about grinding. a lot of the tricks of the trade is easier to learn nowadays as well. things like what van halen did back in the 80s couldn’t happen today:

Although he didn’t invent the technique of tapping, Van Halen is widely considered one of the guitarists who popularised it in rock music of the 1980s, a technique he initially attempted to conceal by turning his back to the audience during Van Halen concerts.

Yeah, I understand that and totally agree.
Skill isn’t always talent. Probably the talent vs SQ (social) plays its role here. History has shown tons of gifted AND unsociable people who have done great things, but remain known only to historians. Hopefully the internet with it’s meritocracy can help a bit at solving the last problem, I think people who create should be more than people who preform.

Just look at that ridiculous drum kit… :panic: and that is one of his smaller setups :wacko: