Random trigger values

Random value when triggering an instrument.

I often find that I would like to have a small random value when I trigger a instrument or sample.
It could be a random amount of filtering. So that every time the instrument is played it sounds a little different. Making the music live up.
With the lfo there is a random value, but I can not find a way to only affect the startvalue of a filter.
If I put it on a filter the filter starts to jump around and if I make it a one shot lfo, it will allways trigger from the same starting point?

It would be nice in future to have an easy way to humanize various aspects of the sound each time it’s played. But if you want to make this work right now, insert devices in this order: Velocity Tracker, LFO, LFO, Filter. Now change the values of the following parameters:

Velocity Tracker
Dest: LFO - Reset
Dest. Max: 0

Dest: LFO (2) - Amplitude
Amplitude: 100%
Frequency: 1.000 LPC
Waveform: Custom
One Shot: Enabled
Change the Envelope length to 2, start it at 100% and end it at 0% ()

LFO (2)
Dest: Filter - Cutoff
Frequency: 1.000 LPC
Waveform: Random

You can change the frequency of the Cutoff with the LFO (2) Offset slider and the amount of randomness by the LFO Envelope’s starting percentage.

Thanks :)

You can do this to some extent with LFO’s but it should be something that you can setup in the instrument with its own dedicated device - similar to the implementation in bitwig