Randomizer (Sort Of)

I’m kinda surprised there is no thread like on making stuff like this yet.
A simple way to make Renoise spit out sounds by random is filling a pattern with notes (every 2nd, every 4th line, etc),
then placing a gate and setting LFO device to modulate the threshold, setting it to random, relatively fast frequency and adjusting the offset and amplitude until it’s plays notes as frequently as you want.
This is probably pretty obvious to a lot of people, so I’d like some tips on utilizing this type of stuff to the fullest.

Perhaps this is a start:
It currently fills out a track or note-column though.

The script could be expanded or utilized to do this.

Check out the Randomize Notes script?

New Tool (3.0): Randomize Notes

i put another idea for a randomizer here a little while back, not through notes but through DSP. so not exactly the same, but related: https://forum.renoise.com/t/native-random-izer/30762