Read The Tutorial On Vst,but What Format Do I Use?

Hi,i read the tute on vst’s,i have two different formats,1 windows dlls,wich i use with vestige in another program.and i downloaded some native linux binaries,(.so)so wich one should i put in the vst_path?
or am i totally off base with this?can i even use the vst’s i have?Doohhh.i should also mention that im running
ubuntu linux 8.10 wich unfortunatly doesnt have a stable rt kernel yet.but anyway,some help with this would be greatly appreciated!!! i am learning renoise pretty quickly,and so far i think its money well spent!!
oh yes…one other question,does renoise support sound fonts?
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Plug-ins need to be compiled for the system in use.

I can’t use a Windows VST on my OS X machine, for example.

You are using Linux, right?

Yes im using ubuntu linux.I did some fiddling and found some native linux vsts and installed them in the vst path.and sometimes they work and sometimes they dont,its a permissions im going to try altering theVST_PATH,and hopefully that will fix it?because i found a handy zynaddsubfx plugin!
Thanks,maybe you could point me in the right direction to find some linux vsti’s or ladspa instruments?
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Or, go to this page:

Checkmark Linux, uncheck the other OS choices.

And a quick Google search reveals:

I don’t think there are many Linux VST. It’s the same for OS X. There are far more Windows VST than there are for OS X. That’s the just way the cookie crumbles. I’m guessing you could do some WINE trickery, but as I am not a Linux user, my advice ends here. :)


Check this thread :
Juce based VSTs (like Nekobee) don’t work anymore in 2.0 but kraken/gore fixed it some days ago and should rebuild all plugins soon.
For soundfont playing, I had some success in 1.9 with SoundCrab.

@Conner Bw;Thanks.i discovered those links too!i was hoping for more,google is my friend :huh:
@lroy;hmmm,interesting thread.whats sound crab?

SoundCrab is a VSTi SF2 player you can find here :
But it’s a Juce plugin, so you have to wait for the next release…

ahhhh.missed that one,too bad,i really could have used that.
Thanks though.

These were just released and are superb: