Reaktor Vst Problem (Doesn'T Show Loaded Ensembles)

saving a song with reaktor ( loaded multiple ensemebles inside reaktor ) reopening the song file = reaktor gui thread it doesn’t show any loaded ensembles inside reaktor …the gui is gone , I can still trigger /play them
Hmmmmm, it seems that this also happens in renoise 2.6 …
Thing is reaktor requires to save all the ensembles as a separate file ( consuming a lot of hd place ) , I mostly try to avoid this and just create a new snapshot bank for the ensembles ( preset ) ,but upon reopening reaktor the ensembles gui has magically dissapeared

tried to duplicate, but no luck. opened colorstrip, debris and flakes ensembles (saved as new ens) and routed out and created snapshot. re-saved as new ensemble. saved renoise song. closed renoise. reopened renoise song. all three ensembles appeared in reaktors gui. preset works. using reaktor 5.5.1 on xp sp3. maybe it could be time dependent? nothing was open for more than 5mins on my runs.

nonono …you must not save them as ensembles , DO NOT CLICK THE DISK BUTTON , Dont save anything except the new created snapshotbanks
Just create separate snapshotfiles for each ensemble ( do not save the ensembles )
When you have created a new snapshotshotbank ,you’ll see that the reaktor disk icon has turned red , idicating that something has changed , just ignore this and save the new snapshots
, then save song and reload …you’ll notice that one ( ore more ) ensembles are loaded without the gui
The reason why I am going the snapshot route , is because I don’t want to save the ensembles because some of them require a lot of disk space ( which I am running out of )

sorry for my misunderstanding earlier. i tried that and saved the only ssf’s, no ensembles. it reloaded fine. but this is what’s weird: i saved the ssf’s in the same folder where the xrns was. the xrns icon disappeared after saving the ssf’s. it was there because i searched my folder and could reopen it via the search. i refreshed the folder and it re-appeared.

Not sure what the problem is. Snapshots are saved with the ensemble so if you don’t save it the snapshots wont be saved.

Using Renoise 2.7 and Reaktor

  1. Open new Renoise song.
  2. Load existing ensemble.
  3. Uncheck “save this instance automatically”
  4. Save a snapshot
  5. Save Renoise song
  6. Reload Renoise song
  7. Reaktor instance is still there, but the snapshot is of not there, which is expected.

Yes you can save individual snapshotfiles without saving the ensembles , just click on edit , create new bank , then save bank , this saves the bank only ( only a few kilobytes ) and not the ensembles ,

procedure for the bug to appear ,1.load reaktor
2.load mulitple ensembles .uncheck save ensembles automatically
3.create new snapshotbanksfile ( separate file ) for each ensemble new snapshotbanks as a separate file ( not the ensembles ) and reload renoise
6;In my case reaktor loads without the gui of the ensembles ( renoise giving a gui error ) ) but still able to play the ensembles

The only save bank I found was under snapshots tab -> bank drop down list. Using this it worked for me (had to reload the bank manually of course). But I haven’t updated Reaktor yet so maybe this is the difference.

so the ensembles gui show up after reloading , even without saving the ensembles before ?
p.s.How do you disable the red disk icon from being highlighted when changes are made
I am using reaktor 5.5.1.

Yes, I get the gui back. Of course the ensemble I get back is the one I loaded, any changes get lost since its not saved.

when creating a new snapshotfile ,the disk icon turns RED , how can I get it back to its original state without saving an ensemble
If I remember correctly there was an option that reaktor asked what to do when changes were made , I gues I ticked ’ do no show this message again ’ …thus

I don’t see any diskicon at all here. When you say that gui disappears, do you mean that you have an empty ensemble or that there is no gui drawn at all for reaktor?

the ensemble is there because I can trigger it , ther is just no gui , just the empty reaktor default ’ drag a file from the browser here ’ screen
So to clear things up , even when you don’t save the ensembles but create a new snapshotfile and save this( the new snapshotfile) instead , does your disk icon turns red ?
Now when you save the song and reload it ( DO NOT SAVE THE ENSEMBLES ONLY THE NEWLY CREATED SNAPSHOTFILES) , does reaktor appears with al the ensembles or just one , and with guis?

Haven’t found any disk icon.

Reaktor appear with exactly the same ensemble that I initially loaded, regardless of snapshot file. There is only one ensemble per instance of reaktor.

Maybe would make more sense to discuss this (or ask for help) in the NI reaktor forums?

yeah I allready did , but they aren’t verry responsive over there .
I know this is not renoise related ( at first I thought it was ) but since there are some reaktor users on this forum I might ass well discuss it here , hope you don’t mind

You cant use snapshotfiles to save an ensemble. If you only change values for sliders and knobs and keep the old ensemble intact you can use the method you tried. If you change anything else (like loading new instruments) you have to save an instance of the ensemble together with the song.

disk icon appears when a new snapshot file is created or the inner structure of an ensemble is modified .
Could you just follow these steps carefully please .
1.load reaktor
2. insert multiple ensembles on the header bar for the first ensemble , go to the snapshot settings and click on 'edit ’ , a dropdown menu appears …now select new bank , the disk icon now should be turned red ( indicating that a change has been made
4.insert or create a new snapshot , choose edit again and select 'save bank ’ …choose a destinantion ,this will only save the bank and not the ensemble the same for the next ensemble
6.Do not click the 'disk icon the renoise song
8.load the song …are all the ensembles there ???

Here is the renoise file , just load it , reaktor contains the lazerbass ensemble but there is no gui , you also have to turn on reaktor power button …

You don’t understand what I mean , I am perfectly aware that saving snapshots doesn’t save ensembles .
I save snapshots and write down the ensembles I use ( renoise note editor ) and then load them separataly and then import the snapshots files because It saves up disk space

Ok. I don’t know how to solve the problem then, unfortunately.

could you just download the renoise file above , and let me know what happens ?