Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

(mrblitz) #81

Poulin makes some great ampsims. I use Hybrit ‘all the time.’ … with the Redwirez IRs.

(Garf) #82

[i]"Wolfgang Palm has released for free a new version 2.0 of his Plex Restructuring Synthesizer, formerly distributed commercially by Steinberg. It’s available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

Wolfgang says “I had done some extensions on Plex, just for myself during the last years. Doing that, I found the sounds Plex produces interesting again. So I decided to do a new version, and offer it for free.”[/i]

I havn’t tried it yet though.

(gentleclockdivider) #83

Wow great news

(Nervine) #84

Bootsy’s VST’s are awesome.
I use FerricTDS, NastyDLA (tape echo), epicVerb (reverb) and NastyVSD (limiting) in just about every song.

(simonwellander) #85

The New TAL-NoiseMaker with the new epic Filter type ^_^

(Cie) #86

Synthesizer Tyrell 2.0 released today by Urs Heckmann in collaboration with (

German text + downloads:

(Dunks) #87

SplineEQ, I liked it so much I bought the full version.

(Skolskoly) #88

Piano One is my go-to VST for piano sounds. They’ve also got some other commercial piano VSTs on their site, but this freeware is so high quality that I don’t even really care xD

(TMT) #89

You can make automation envelopes in renoise for any synth. Here is more info.

(Nor Tamena) #90

I’d like to share some of my up-to-date VST arsenal (I’ll try to write down these not mentioned here yet…)


TwinBass for bass - - I can make basses with more character than before on that, plus it’s easy to program

U-he Bazille - - but only till the end of this year!! The CPU hit is really high, though, higher than Tyrell N6

IK Multimedia Sampletank Free - - good pianos and guitars out there!

Phutura - - another easy VSTi for characteristic synth sounds



jsCompShaper - - I still can’t tweak it to show the full capabilites and it changes the sound pretty much, I usually scroll through the presets to get the impact I want and tweak from there

DCAM Free Comp - - very easy one, should have the same architecture as DCAM Dynamics, which says it all…


Engineer’s Filter - - my go-to filter for highpassing stuff (using it instead of Renoise butterworth filter), only drawback is the cutoff is not automatable, so it’s useful only for static filtering

Filterbank v3 - - used it on vocals processing lately, and was amazed by how smoothly it took away the low/high end and still kept the color


Fnequalizer - - didn’t mess with that one so much, as it has pretty high CPU hit, one can’t use it on more than a few tracks


PPD Echobox - - especially the “Analg Delay” knob!!


HybridReverb2 - - haven’t tried yet, it seems pretty technical to me and there should be much control over the
final sound…


BitterSweet -


Stereo Tool -

(L4nd3R) #91

Just my 2 cents :)

(A.O.M.V.) #92

I went searching for some new free VST effects and synths about a month ago and stumbled across these two articles:

***I removed these links because another forum member advised that they contained some malicious/aggressive adverts. Sorry for those who encountered problems with the links. :( ***

These articles certainly include some repeats of others suggestions, but I thought they were worthwhile for finding some new free “toys” :D/>

I have also been using gsnap a lot recently for auto-tuning vocals. That plugin can be downloaded here:

Thanks for this thread.

(midi error) #93

This pack is free and UNBEATABLE:


ODO Synths
Proteus VX (Free waldorf soundplayer)


Superwave P8

(scrittah) #94

I’ve got to second Jack Dark’s DARKWARE. Pretty much every vst he’s made sounds absolutely insane and is well worth the hard drive space. I think that link’s broken, and the only place I know to get his stuff now is here:

(kazakore) #95

Yeah he did take them offline a few years ago. Was about to provide that same link which I found quite quickly searching this time. Some of them are pretty poor for CPU usage (although computers were a lot slower when he made them) and some are a bit buggy all are very experimental and can produce some crazy sounds so are worth checking out.

(sebPhFx) #96

Recently, I found 2 amazing free VSTi’s.

Well, first is the free version of Aalto. I was going to buy the polyphonic version and then, I see that you can get the monophonic version for free through this site: beatdrive mag I know, It’s in German. Not a big deal even if you don’t understand German.

The second one is absolutely amazing. I think the sound is astounding. And it’s modular!! It’s just awesome, I can’t say it enough(that’s all I use now for pads and synths):

Sonigen’s Modular:

Also a bunch of smaller vst that are really cool if you’re into glitchy, noisy stuff are all the Smart Electronix plugins and these Tweakbench:

And at last, if you’re a spectral synthesis freak like I am, you already know the Soundhack plugins both free and not: and this wonderful plugin that’s really cool even on drums: Get it! it’s Rekkerd’s Dtblkfx.

(Hardock) #97

Best freeware effect plugins, rated by a pro mixing engineer:
mixing secrets
Dig deeper into this site, you can learn a lot!

Headphoneusers: New, check out the Beyerdynamics Virtual Studio:
If you use headphones you just throw this VST on the master track and then you can emulate (done via IR samples) the sound of:
studio monitors, 5.1 monitors, car hifi and (dance) hall. I just checked it out briefly but to me it look very useful

(LoneWolfWilliams) #98

Tal has some excellent free VST instruments, with really clean interfaces - My favourites are the U-no6 and the Noisemaker.

Noisemaker has enough options to get a nice variety of standard voices, without being overwhelming, so I use it quite often.

(A.O.M.V.) #99

I second lonewolf. the Tal plugins are great. I especially like the reverb and delay plugins.

(LoneWolfWilliams) #100

Tweakbench tapeworm is a great find! No more digging around for Emulator 2 sample packs :)/> [edit sorry, mellotron sample packs - how embarrassing!]