Record Count In

With long patterns it’s kind of a drag to have to wait for them to loop around before I can start recording at the beginning of a pattern. Is there something I’m missing or would a 1 or 2-bar count-in before recording be handy?

The idea gets 3 stars from me as well…
Though i currentl use a count-in pattern (16 or 8 rows in size) for this purpose as a workaround and actually it made the lack of count-in a less pain in the ass for that reason.

While playing the pattern, in record mode, you could push [page down]
a couple of times and brace yourself for tangent mayhem! :)

At least, that’s what i do.
I have pattern follow mode (ON)

but a

Not a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

2 small things, it would be cool if

  1. pgup/down would also work while having the sample editor open

  2. there was something that is always visible that says where you’re at right now (pattern 2 of 7, on line 20 of 80)

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I miss this a lot! In the end I record to whatever is playing, but it would help to have more control
over WHAT is played during the recording so you know where you’re at. Actually, focusing more on
recording in Renoise seems like the next logical step. However small, these are steps into that
direction still. Audio tracks next ;)


I’d also like a mode, where the recording starts as soon as the first key is pressed on the keyboard. This would allow placing the cursor anywhere in a pattern and start to enter things from that position.

I’ve always wondered how people use this. How do you get the timing right if you don’t have a brief count-in?

When working on a song i’ve usually a good feeling for it, additionally one could have a metronome looping until the keypress starts the recording.

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It’s these stupid little details we never think about that make a professional application. People may talk
about things like the great effects and instruments that came with their DAW, but it’s the things they don’t
mention like this that make music production simple and fun(ie not frustrating).

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This should be a priority simply because it’s so simple to add. I know you can work around this by adding a count in pattern, but if you’re trying to flesh out the song in a linear sort of way this would make it a lot quicker. I might be wrong, but with a count in pattern you would haveo to keep adding it before the current pattern you were playing on. Just a minor headache really, but one we could do without.

It’s kindof strange that this is not implemented yet.

+1 for record count in!

Instant count in thanks for the tip!