Record Phrase changes in Pattern Editor.

(Idroy) #1

I use Renoise 3.1, and I was wondering if I could record the phrase changes in the pattern editor. I don’t have any midi controller. I know I could put it in keymap mode. But I was thinking if I could also record it somehow in the pattern editor with program mode.

(danoise) #2

I think this tool (PhraseMate) does what you are looking for

You get a couple of additional keyboard shortcuts (next/previous phrase). And also, it canautomatically enter Zxx commands whenever a note is written into the pattern (without the Zxx command in place, any notes entered would refer to whatever phrase is selected during playback).

(Idroy) #3

That might be the thing I’m looking for! Thanks! I’ll try it!


Yes, it is! Thank you!