Recorded Sample Rename

the standard name for Recorded Samples is “Recorded Sample”.
very logical, but here is the thing:

When Recording I have some takes from, let’s say, a guitar, lead vocals, and…ok, a cowbell.

like it is now, I have to rename all the samples, after recording, to see what they are.

It should be nice to be able to set a name before you go recording.
so you don’t get a load of “Recorded Sample”.

& maybe the name of the track that is being recorded on is taken into account? So if you record vocals on a channel named ‘adlib’, this is taken automatically in the recorded samples name.

Yeah, I hafta agree on this one as well. Naming the recordings before pressing the rec button would be swell, like a name line in the rec window or something. as long as you don’t have to right click, choose rename and then type.

Not a bad idea. Can be applied to ‘Render to sample’ too. I use it a lot.