Recording Audio (not In Renoise) From Renoise Midi


I’ve been slowly moving out of using Logic and into using Renoise as my primary composing/arranging software.

Details : Dell Inspiron (512 ram), AMT8 midi, Roland XP60 keyboard, Renoise, Soundforge, MIDI Yoke.

All my MIDI connections from Renoise to my XP60 work fine within Renoise (control changes, etc.). My issue is MIDI syncing the audio recording from the Renoise MIDI files (through my XP60) into Soundforge. I would like to have Renoise as the master (via MIDI Output) and Soundforge as the slave (via MIDI Input), which I have setup using MIDI Yoke.

Yet when I Arm Soundforge to record, then hit playback in Renoise, Soundforge DOES NOT automatically record audio. The only way I can record audio is by hitting record in Soundforge, yet this will cause headaches with syncing all the tracks later. What I want is to trigger audio recording in Soundforge using Renoise. I know that I’m missing something here (some checked box, etc.).

I’d like to hear how anyone on the board does this (recording audio from a hardware synth using Renoise MIDI) using any other software (Cubase, Audacity, etc.).

Thanks. :)

I’m going to give Reaper a whirl, based on this post:

It Worked!!!

When doing this in Reaper, you must slave Renoise to Reaper:

This post was best (scroll down about halfway to vV’s 3rd post):

This video, although for serving a different purpose, actually goes though many of the windows and checkboxes you would need to do this (the only difference being you don’t have to mess with the sound driver settings):

Love this forum… :)