Recording Automation With Midi Cc

Hi guys,

Is there any way of recording graphical automation from a midi controller? I know the functionality is there when you right click with the mouse but it would be great to have it working with my zero sl.


whats up with that?

Use MIDI Mapping to assign external controllers to device/plugin parameters in Renoise.

Then make sure you have the automation set to record to graphical envelopes instead of pattern commands:

I’ve already done both of those, it allows me to control the parameter fine but it won’t record any of the automation. It’s the same result as clicking and dragging a parameter with the left mouse button, I need it to act the same as the right mouse button. So it actually writes automation instead of just changing the parameter.


Toggle the third button from the left, e.g Pattern Automation Recording Mode.


Ok, I’ve realised what I was doing wrong before, I didn’t have ‘record midi mapped parameters to automation’ ticked. However, now that I’ve done this it still won’t let me write automation in real time. It just changes the parameter for the currently selected line. When I adjust it with the track playing it puts in the white dots but they’re at the same value as when I pressed play regardless of how I’m moving the knob.

Any suggestions?

Turn Pattern Follow on? Try the Scroll Lock key.

Pattern follow is on. It’s writing automation but it’s just putting in the same value over and over until I pause playback, change the value and then start recording again. Really strange, I’m going to try another midi controller and see if I can narrow this down.

EDIT: Ok I switched off latency compensation and it now works if the automation is set for points but not for linear?

Post a YouTube style video, or something? Maybe if we see your settings and stuff, we can see what’s up.