Again with the recording automation from MIDI CCs

I have a MIDI keyboard with a knob CC I’ve mapped to the Amplitude slider of an LFO. It works fine for controlling the slider. However, I can’t get it to record automation during record/playback, either to the pattern or to the envelope, like I can when right-clicking the slider with the mouse. If there was no envelope before the recording session, there’s no envelope afterwards; and if there was an envelope, it’s unchanged afterwards. And with recording into the pattern selected, no pattern commands are added during the recording session.

I’ve seen a few related looking threads:

…but none of them have worked for me.

Hm, sounds like “record midi mapped parameters to automation” is unchecked.

Try opening the MIDI mapping dialog (CTRL/COMMAND + M) and look at the bottom?

Wwwow, I could have sworn that was checked. Thanks, and sorry for the trivial issue. :rolleyes: