Rendering Midi To Samples

Hi ! I just began to use Reason and Garageband instruments in Renoise ( thanks to that post ) . But when I want to render these to a song, or sample, there is no sound… It’ s maybe very easy, but I’ ve read all the midi part of the tutorial and found nothing about this ! Could you put me in the picture please ?

There was a note about it in the past. It has not been moved to the new manual i see, but recording MIDI simply can be done by using a line-in on your audio card and record the output in one take in the sample editor, then mix the recorded wave along with the rest of the track (disabling the MIDI track).

Ok thanks a lot ! In fact I was hoping that you could convert the midi instrument into a renoise instrument in a way, like you do with VSTi… Maybe it’ s impossible to program such a device, but that would be really awesome ! By the way the plug in rendering is very cool :) keep on the good work !

Not impossible, but you will then have to work with tails and offsets if the plugin renderer would be extended to record external devices.
Kraken can give us some insight how easy or hard that is.