Recording live input

Hey Pals, i need your help without searching this forum, sry for that… but maybe the answer is really simple :slight_smile: - bought some new hardware - so, the hardware has limited midi controls - especially speaking here for the td-3… so, how to record my live “playing” in renoise with the track i did for the td-3? Yes, i sampled that one, but thats not the same on another instrument… is this a limitation in renoise? I use the Steinberg UR22 MK2/asio… so, do i have to “background” another programm to record the “live recording”?


I don’t understand your problem in depth

Hmmm, ok, so i leave the recorded track as an instrument than :slight_smile:

Hallo Hans-Jürgen, do you mean recording a piece of audio as a ‘performance,’ while the tune plays?

If so, try SHIFT + ALT + R ->. From there, you can use a track’s DSP for input monitoring purposes, set it to sync with patterns, etc.

Yes, thanks :slight_smile: Much better than doing it in the sample-editor :slight_smile: