Recording Midi Cc To Automation Lane

I have a midi fader box that can record into a renoise command lane.

I have an automation lane sending the same midi cc, through a midi CC device.

Is there any way to control the automation device, and record it, using the hardware fader box?

The goal is to not clog up all of my lanes with data that are better represented in a graph.

rightclick the MIDI cc in a void part (for example above its name label) and select “Midi map parameters” from the context menu, then follow the instructions on the dialog which will appear.

Excellent! Thank you.

Ok, so I can control the onscreen faders, but when I go into record mode, the automation lane does not update.

Also, all of my CC recording is turning into line items.

nevermind. I’m a nub.

I clicked the
“When on, recorded DSP sliders will go into envelopes” button.