Recording Midi Track To Sample?

I dont know how to explain this so everyone understands it.

I want to record a selection in a track that is playing a midi instrument (synth) to a sample . Like you can do with a VSTi by marking a block and pressing SHIFT CTRL ALT R (rendered selection).

Cant this be done with line in. Like render selection of Line In…

(Maybe) you can do it manually. I.e. start your track playing, record your input, and trim the sample. There’s no way of getting it to automatically do this AFAICS (I actually don’t have Renoise here ATM).

i understand what you mean :) !! yay for me!
but i dont have an answer looks at taktik

I know i can do it manually. But then again, i’d rather do it the way i’ve always done it. by recording and trimming in soundforge, and then importing the sample in renoise.

Ok, great. Like I said, there’s no current way of automating recording AFAIK.

If we find a solution for that problem which is easy to use and implement (syncing the recording is technically no problem), I don’t see why we shouldn’t add this to the initial 1.8 release. So keep on brainstorming! Would be a pity if we have now recording and you still have to use soundforge to record your MIDI synth in Renoise…

There is no direct solution of “record this selected area” for MIDI.
The line-in device work the same way, the audio renderer however does turn off all unrequired resources to have the most CPU power available for rendering.
e.g.:The more instruments are selected for rendering, the more resources will be required.
This in other terms means:
The rendering is not done and cannot be done, on a real-time basis so that’s why the Line-In won’t work with rendering because it would probably miss parts of incoming audio.

There is one solution that will work:
You can start the recorder in the sampler, then start your pattern sequence to play and chop off what you don’t need afterwards.

Even if it would have worked, there would be chopping anyway since there shall always be recorded a certain level of delay in the sample.

If realtime renderings are not an option.
Then how about let renoise detect if there are Midi Notes in the selection.
If true, then detect all Line in devices for the tracks in selection.
Then disable all DSP/vst(i), play realtime and record all dry line in signals to tmp file. Then do the actual rendering mixed with DSP/vst(i) etc.
But where do we set render offset? So it will be synched.
The ‘delay’ slider in Midi Properties will only ‘work’ when you have large SoundCard latency (to set -50ms you need to have at least 50ms soundcard latency.
So I guess either we add another option to set offset for midi renderings.
Or just let the Delay in midi properties control this too.
Taktik said there should be no problem synching the recording…

Anyway… the problem in genreal is that damn Delay slider in Midi Properties.
If you run on very low latencies you have no room to use any negative delay.
Why is it so?
Is it because if the negative delay is bigger then audio buffer, then you would get a sligtly sluggisher response when you start play pattern/song?
I think many ppl can live with that as long as the midi out <–> Line in will be perfetcly in synch.

I was actually talking about rendering in specific situations:.
What if i would render the MIDI audio along a very CPU intensitive VSTI?
You can have any timer-sync idea in the world, but it would not solve that particular situation unless the VSTI supplies any of the sync info.

Someone had a cool suggestion in this thread.

Basically, have something like a punch-in/punch-out with effect commands. Here is what that someone wrote:

Although, I would probably extend this idea to be able to select a specific line in device to record from within the dsp chain of the track … So maybe have the total effect take 2 simultaneous commands- one to select the line-in-device, and another to start the recording.

Now that I think about it, it would probably be easier to simply do this with the right-click menu …