Renoise 1.8.0 Beta Released

Good news everyone!

We have finally managed to get a beta version of the upcoming Renoise version ready. It’s already available on the Backstage Area ( for all registered users.

Since this is the first beta release of a brand new major version, bugs and glitches are to be expected. Therefore we have created a new forum section dedicated to Renoise 1.8 bugreports and discussions:

A public (demo) version of Renoise 1.8 will be released as soon the beta cycle is over. This means that no beta version but release candidates will be released to the public. We cannot tell you any concrete release dates now, as we plan to test the current and following beta releases as long as necessary (untill everything is rock solid).

So, what’s new in this release?

Well, this time the change-log got pretty huge, so let us just point out some highlights:

  • Added a Mixer, for a fast access and total control of all used DSP effects and volume levels within Renoise. DSP effects can be easily accessed and modified (copied/pasted/ moved/deleted by keyboard shortcuts or drag’n’drop). Mini sliders (DSP parameter controls) can be optionally shown in the mixer strips for those DSP devices parameters, that you want to control via the Mixer. All components of the Mixer (mute/solo, panning, faders, volume, routings) can be hidden to get a better overview.
  • Introduced PRE/POST volume/pans: All tracks have now two sets of volume/pan parameters: The first one (PRE) is automatable, and will be applied prior to all other DSPs (how it used to be in earlier versions). The second one (POST) is not automatable, and was introduced for the final mixing/mastering process: It will be applied after all DSP devices, giving you the final control of the tracks volume without having to worry about already created automations.
    All volume and pan parameters can also be MIDI mapped.
  • Recording in the Sample-Editor, which allows to create new samples on the fly, directly in Renoise. Signals can be either recorded cleanly (with no DSP FX), or be routed in realtime through any tracks DSP chain.
  • Added a “#Line-In Device” (registered users only), which allows you to directly route any of your sound-cards physical input into a DSP chain in Renoise.
  • Undo/redo is now available for all operations (with no exception).
  • New open (XML) file format for all exported Renoise files (except samples). To view the XML files for songs or the other documents, simply open the newly saved files with an unzip tool. Songs and instruments are still self contained, so nothing (except the new file extensions) has changed for those who do not want/need to edit/view the file contents. The new open file format will allow third party developers to easily write extension (Instrument or Pattern generators) or converters (from / to other file formats) for Renoise.
  • Unicode support: If you have the “Arial Unicode MS” font installed, nearly all characters you can think of can now be displayed in Renoise (for example in the Disk Browser). Japanese characters are supported without the “Arial Unicode MS” font, as soon as you have installed the operating systems default fonts for Japan language support.
  • Patterns can now be rendered into separate files as well (registered users only). This way you can easily create sample loops out of your songs, to use them in other programs.

Please take some time to read the full change-log located at
it will help you understand some of the major changes Renoise had to undergo.

You can help!

Thanks to the Alpha Test Team this version should be pretty stable already but bugs ARE to be expected. You can help you squashing them by reporting issues right on this board in the “Renoise 1.8 Bugreports” Section:
Please do !not! contact support or to report bugs for the beta releases, but always use this forum. This helps us to organize things…

Speaking of the Alpha Test Team… They do deserve credit for this release. Thanks goes to (in no
particular order) to: Voois, Bantai, It-Alien, Keith303, T.P de Roy, Sato, Pysj, Celsius, Freideuter, Zed and Ledger!

We hope you will enjoy the new version!

On behalf of the whole team:
[taktik] and [pulsar]

Woooooooohooooooooo!!! :eek: :yeah: :w00t: :panic:


“Added a “Mute Src” option for the native Delay DSP effect, to use in send tracks without playing back the dry signal”


Fantastic News.

First off, I appologise if this shouldn’t go here. Just delete the post if it’s not the appropriate thread.

Now that the courtesies are out of the way; gloves off.

My first reaction to a new Renoise release was ‘ok, this should be interesting’. Then I heard it’s bumped yet another .2 release numbers(or roughly). Now, I don’t mind it all that much. It’s $45, and I’ll let people get away with pretty much anything when the program is this good. Principally, what pisses me off is that it was stated that you pay for a full version (i.e. 1.x - 2.x). The first one, I feel is justified because if I recall correctly more or less the whole program was rewritten. This one, however; not so sure. Ok, that aside.

The new layout looks very good, if a bit alien. I look forward to getting better aquainted with it.

The mixer view I can’t wait to use! :)

The midi clock slave option, if I understand correctly, enables renoise to be controlled via another sequencer(renoise), which I assume would be a killer idea for live-sets. Sweet. If I understand it correctly.

Ok. One final scratch and bitch. The spectrumview guys. It’s broken. As far as I can tell it aliases, and renders 8khz+ (and probably the lower frequencies as well, though to a lesser extent) useless. You can try this yourselves with a pure sine at high pitch with a slow lfo on pitch. Watch the peak that you can’t hear bounce back and fourth negatively correlated with the actual sound you’re playing. I would really, really like to see this fixed for this release.

Alright for now. Keep up the good work, and if this seems overly negative, it’s not meant to be, but I don’t feel the need to write you a love poem about how good this program is. I paid for and use it. :)

Holy f****!

I’m stepping out the door but when I get back it looks like a late night for me.

Sweeet! :w00t: Haha wow, it looks great!!
Renoise team has been busy!

  • Smoother automations, processed per tick instead of per lines, giving you at TPB 6, 6 times smoother parameter changes than before

New VU meter is so pretty. :dribble:

Thank you Renoise Team!



this is beautiful!

Oh yes, sorry for this ;)

If you have already downloaded the new version and it looks a bit, well, strange, trash your 1.8 preferences folder and download and install the version again please. Or just load the “_default.xml” theme (or any other theme) in the browser manually.

Or did someone actually like that colors?

I don’t understand this. Beta just released and already complaining? Enjoy the new features for a little while first eh? Then complain if you must in one of the proper forums, not in the released topic.

I actually liked the gray theme! :D

Gray Theme (before fix)
Gray Theme (v2, tweaked)

I want to cry… This is all I’d hoped for and more. I’m skipping work tomorrow!

Okay, let me give you some more inside material so you can weigh your opinion in a bit better balanced point of view against it:

The alpha was 1.6 when XML, unlimited Undo/Redo and colour syntaxing was implemented, when the Mixer was added it became 1.7, when Sewen added his recording wish for NE, it became 1.8. With all the other changes it could have been easily released as 2.0 as well.

Just the summary math (all details of this summary can be browsed on the new manual which will be linked from the backstage pages soon):

  • 39 new additions (in detail),
  • 20 updates (features that got extended),
  • 6 fixes,
  • 16 changes.

This is all over one year of work.
Some of the additions were really very hard (including the audio recorder and the undo/redo) and it’s all done by only one person.

Taktik, i was, i think meaning the alpha blending? on the interface, it makes renoise look Clean!

i didnt really notice the something strange with the colors of the pattern editors, it was all black, but now i understand why, i put my own theme on pretty quick, an it simply makes me very very happy!

thank-you Taktik. :D

yes Sir i have! :D
an now i can finish a bunch of stuff!!!

this mixer looks Great!

im thinking the instructions would take care of the blank looking area in the sampler area.

mmmmmmm, mikey likes it!

Wow, fantastic… But Damn! I had to pick NOW to go on a 2 week roadtrip in the outback. I shall be itching to get back and help out the testing!!!

Well done everyone!

Crikey, what a 'beaut! :D

Exellent done, the view preset buttons were for some reason my fav this time, hehe.

I liked the line in feature, perhaps that will be able to record to a sample in the future? Oh, and in addition to the “start”-button for the recording in the sample editor, why not make it record on “play song”? Or is that already possible and I just didn’t notice?

Cheers, this was a really great surprise to see this late in the evening for me! :D

this is an Engineering WORK OF ART!

if Renoise was a blade, i would be a samurai!

Indeed. They’ve far out-stripped my expectations. Very unbuggy compared to the 1.5 betas. It’s beautiful to look at and and it’s giving me a spine tingling excitement at the creative possibilities.

Now, work hard on that beta testing so we can get 1.8-k0r3.

Taktik marry me! :yeah:

Great work! :yeah: Had to start it up here at work just to catch a glimpse of it. Looks really good! :dribble: Like the vu meters :)

this, just keeps getting better!

the renoise user-code sharing totally works!!! take that Sequencers!!

a demonstration:
-copy a pattern from renoise
i opened SciTE, an paste.

change numbers an notes,
select all, copy.
select frack in renoise,
(make sure a sample is loaded in the sample slot)
-a frequency shifted amen sample for this:
(needs own compression an eq’ing)…d_amen-end.xrni

bpm 364, speed 03, pattern 128 it what is used

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<patternclipboard.blockbuffer doc_version="0"><br>
	<trackcolumn type="DocumentList&lt;PatternClipboard.ColumnBuffer&gt;"><br>
	  <trackcolumn type="PatternClipboard.ColumnBuffer"><br>
	  <trackcolumn type="PatternClipboard.ColumnBuffer"><br>

just add bass.

[code] doesnt seem to work the same way in invision as drupals [code] does
is there any other options to stop the clipboard data from breaking the page?

this is niceness!
allowing us to share renoise song data so easily is TRUE Evolution!

if you try this, only select what is in the box from the begining of the first < to the end of the last >
also make sure your editor is capable of XML, notepad an wordpad, will not work.