Recording Pitchbend/aftertouch

If I want to record pitch bend/aftertouch (and additionally other standard controllers) for an external midi instrument track, it would be nice, if there was an option to:

  • Disable the midi pitch bend and aftertouch recording to the pattern command column

  • Or better: The midi mapper should support pitch bend and aftertouch, so we can map the pitch bend/aftertouch to a midi control meta device and all related midi cc#s will go to the automation graph then.

Is this possible please? Currently I can only record one midi cc type at once, and only to the track command column. If the midi mapper would accept pitch bend and aftertouch, this problem would be solved, wouldn’t it?

There seems to be something stange going on, read here too. Pitchbend/aftertouch are not recordable to automation / mappable.

A bug?

Is the midi mapper technically able to recognize pitchbend / aftertouch? If so, can I hack the midi map config to make it work?