Recovering Corrupted Files...

Hello, I would like to know if I could recover such a file… I forced renoise to quit while it was opening the file, I guess that wasn’ t a good idea. I tried to zip/unzip the xrns file, it didn’t work, but I can unzip it and obtain the xml and sampledata files. I also tried the terminal thing by typing zip -FF “path/to/Users//Documents/Avalanche/NNB REMIX 2.xrns" --out "path/to/Users//Documents/Avalanche/fixed.xrns”, but it said zip error: Temporary file failure (path/to/Users/NansGuieu/Documents/Avalanche/zio6PHa9).
Would you have any answer please ? Thanks a lot ! :)

i’ve had some luck using winrars file repair option. i’m sure there are other programs that can do that too.

Thanks for the answers ! But unfortunately I have a mac, so Winrar won’t work… And as far as I know, there are no such devices for mac users. I’ ll keep searching tought, but if you have any other ideas, please tell me ! I would be so pissed off loosing this file :(

Just a wild guess, “Temporary file failure” leads me to think you should maybe clean up that temporary folder in case there are some leftovers from the failed Renoise loading attempt. Maybe the temp file name generator fails to generate a fresh name and tries to write on some old crap or which is maybe locked by a hanging instance of some app. Tried a reboot too?

I guess you have read this post:

It sounds like a rights issue…
What if you would do something like “sudo zip -FF …etc…” ? (Is that something one could do on a Mac?)

Hi, thanks again again for the answers, but definitely I can’ t open it :S . I uploaded it, so if anyone could give it a look he would be the greatest man on the world, no more no less.
Here it is
I forgot to mention that I used the beta version, so maybe it could be related…?

rapidshare tells that there are no available slots to download the file without having to pay, so I can’t try to recover the file. anyway, are you aware of the fact that Renoise has an automatic backup feature?

Edit => Preferences => Plugs/Misc => Backup

I discovered it with my misadventure :) . At least it won’ t happen again… I’ ve spent some time on this track, still unfinished thought, it’ s for the Naïve New Beaters remix comp if you want to know everything !

Hi ! I re-up the thread… Rapidshare seems to lack of avalaible slots, so I re-uploaded the file on Uploading . Please give it a look if you have the time ! I won’ t insist anymore, but It would be really amazing if I could recover this file. Thanks anyway, long live Renoise and its helpful community !

This one should load now, not sure if anything inside the song is wrong, you have to check this yourself.

Thank you so much man, you ROCK. If I win the contest I’ ll give you the price , even if I doubt my abilities to do so :) Anyway, you’ re the Renoise’ s Felix Loch.

Nah, keep the prizes you might win. The internal ZIP directory at the end of the file was damaged and WinRAR does a good job of repairing it. ;)