Redux Features

I bought Redux immediately. I love the Renoise team.

However, there are some things I would love to find (in v1.0) or as an update.

If they already exist, forgive me for being blind. I haven’t found them yet.

  1. MIDI out
  2. VST subhosting
  3. VST capture (vST sampling, as exists in Renoise)
  4. Scalable GUI

MIDI out and VST subhosting would allow me to use many more of my established techniques while adding the extra sequencing/DSP/awesomeness of Redux/Renoise to my entire collection of VST(i) plugins.

VST capture would be a secondary want… if all instruments must be sample-based, it would be great to temporarily load a VSTi and sample directly in Redux. Yes, this can be done in Renoise but my workflow would feel interrupted if I had to launch 2 DAWs, do a capture, and come back. It would be nice to do it all within the same interface.

The scalable GUI is pretty big for me. Or small. I only run at 1080p, and I love the way Redux is laid out and functions, but it feels a little cramped/too small. I would love to scale it up so I can see what I’m doing.

Overall, I’d like to use Redux to control other synths at the instrument/track level, giving any one of them features like complex sequencing, tight timing, the and excellent automation that I enjoy with Renoise… preferably without needing to capture to samples first.

In other words, I imagine it would be awesome to have a bunch of “mini-Renoises” playing in concert with their own patterns, triggering epic sequences and effects. Right now Redux is an excellent sampler, but I can’t readily integrate it with my usual workflow.

I understand that I should probably be using my other DAW and Renoise via Rewire, but that’s tedious to set up and manage – needing to save two DAW projects and load them together in the correct order and set routing. I have done this in the past with excellent results, but since it increases the difficulty of use I rarely do it. I also don’t know if it’s possible to trigger instrument-specific patterns via Renoise instead of the “global” pattern list which encompasses all Renoise tracks and is locked to the main DAW’s timeline. If independent triggers is possible that would make me very happy.

4: you don’t mean retina like scaling, but resizing? Resizing is already possible on the bottom right corner

Only 1 pattern can play in Renoise at the same time, theonly thing you can do is in BPM and transport sync, midi bind different renoise patterns to schedule them for playback/playback instantly, then the timeline will be ‘ignored’

The MIDI-out request is an obvious one, and already has been brought up a few times here now. Not saying it will never happen, but let me explain why we’ve skipped it for the initial release: Redux’ whole UI was built to deal with samples. The big sample list on the left for example, the different editors in the middle of the UI, they all are a different look on a one sample or set of samples.

Workflow with MIDI is fundamentally different compared to samples. Sending MIDI CC from the phrase editor (or pattern editor in Renoise) is far from being intuitive, cause it has been made to deal with samples in first place and not MIDI. Assuming we would add the ability to send/control MIDI on top of what we have now, this would be far from being intuitive nor “powerful”, which I personally think would be a shame.

And if all you want to do is sending out MIDI events from a tracker alike pattern sheet, then you don’t need most of what Redux currently represents and also should not be confronted with this. You’d need no sample editor, no keyzones, no list of samples, no modulation editor, no DSP effects and no sample FX in the pattern editor. So it may make more sense to have a dedicated plugin or program (or “mode” in Redux) which is specialized to do exactly this and only this - deal with MIDI only, just like Redux deals with samples now. The only real reason to have both in one plugin or program would be that you want to or need to do both at the same time.

This also is the reason why we didn’t wanted VSTs in Redux for now. Another reason is that Redux presets would no longer be fully interchangeable and that hosting plugins in plugins is cumbersome, slow and destabilizes the whole “system”. Plugins will crash, a list of plugins has to be maintained and to be scanned all the time. The whole thing would feel more like a full blown DAW in a DAW and not really like an instrument. If this really is what you need, then ReWire is way to go here, cause ReWire was made to do exactly this.

In summary I think that it must not necessarily bad if Redux can not do everything. In the context of a DAW it’s really just “one” plugin along many other plugins. A single plugin never could be best in everything. That’s why DAWs in general and the ability to extend them with “plugins” actually turned out to be so successful.

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Thank you very much for the explanation! Although I am not completely sure how to use the information provided (though I DO like the MIDI Out “panel” idea), having insight in the design decisions makes me respect the team all the more.

Still very happy with Renoise and Redux both.