Redux is really missing possibility to preview sample at any pitch


Redux is really mising the old Renoise 2.8 function - preview sample on specific note!

Why? I load long sample, wanna preview just some part of it (start and end of loop point dont work for it in Renoise and Redux) so i do it by ENTER key. But i wanna change pitch of that part to adapt it to the song i play in Reaper but i cant.

Please, bring this possibility back, please.

Right now i have to cut that part and preview it by playing but it is annoying and slow :slight_smile:

It is IMO much more important that these small play and stop button for previewing samples :slight_smile:

Another situation when i miss this unction: I would love to record Redux output, select random little pieces of sample and play them by enter during playback of my song. But it doesnt work very often because i cant addapt pitch of the preview.

Yeah that was very cool feature, but I think what you really want is this:

Why hit enter, if you could hit any key on the keyboard :slight_smile:

the warm fuzzy feeling when I find this thread suddenly emerging :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!