Play a selection of a sample in any note... instantly!

[EDIT 27-08-2019]

Sooo I overuse the word keyjazz, fine :slight_smile:

Let’s edit and revamp the post so it’s more clear.

I have edited my post, not only to bump, but to clarify the easy change that would make my day (and longer):
[s]Toggle the ability to play a part of a sample or to play the whole sample in the selected pitch.
Better yet; if there is any selection in the sample editor, play that - else play the whole thing (in of course the pitch we want). [s]
So if there is no selection, or everything is selected, play all.

now on to the original and still pretty sturdy post that you can hold on to:

-=> Play notes on the selection in the sample editor, not the whole sample. <=-

I would pay for this if needed.
Why is this so important?

Live performance : you can playback any soundbite in any pitch with a visual selection in 1 click.
Find new sounds by quickly “testing” new parts of the sample as a potential instrument.
Skip cut / trim to new sample, first “preview” it by jamming in notes.

I am sorry if this is a crosspost, but I want to be heared as a die-hard Renoise fan!
Pretty please? smile.gif/> I am here since 1.27 or so biggrin.gif/> (I even saved the old splash screen years ago ).

+1 especially for the yellow glow effect :lol:

jk, this would be indeed a useful feature.

i like this idea. +1

I’d like this to function by just clicking on the part of the sample from where you want to keyjazz, shouldn’t be necessary to select a part of it. But then again by selecting a part of a sample, the keyjazzing could stop when the selected part ends even if there’s more of the sample coming after it.

So basically, A HUGE +1! I’ve actually missed this kinda feature from the very beginning, but until now I’ve never even given the possibility of this happening a thought.


Nice one!

Oh wow :D I really feel the vibe in here B) keep the +1’s flowing. We need: SELECT, JAM, ENJOY, REPEAT :D

p.s. if you want to “preview” this potential feature: just press CTRL+T when something is selected.
Then keyjazz away, and when done, CTRL+Z.
Until the respected hardworking dev’s have a minute or 3 to look at my code-change suggestion, this is the only way (and the “fastest”).

The idea is definitely cool, but i highly doubt this assumption.
I suspect the play routine is set to play keyzones and underneath that:the samples attached to it.
But perhaps it is easy to allow the virtual keyboard in the sample area to play the selection of the sample in the pitch of the clicked key.

That would be my “fix” as well.
The easy to develop is more based on the potential invisible “macro” that happens: trimming the selection as a temporary sample in memory, and change it by changing sample-selection.

There is already similar idea with sample properities device (customizable sample start, sample end, loop start etc.)
But this look much easier to develop for 3.0 ;)

just a bump that I still want to put money on this feature, hell I want it for years (go search my posts on the forum - it’s all that has been missing from the pretty perfect Renoise) :yeah:


Very good idea, and one of the many proposed little tweaks that would speed up the actual and typical workflow.

Thanks :) aaaaaand the topic goes bumpy bumpy :yeah:

Interesting idea, I voted “Hell yeah”.

Perhaps if it’s easy to develope I guess it could be scripted like a “Tool” ?

Well I can code a thing or two, but I never dived into coding for Renoise.
I guess that is going to be the only option.

Thank you for the attention and the bump op the topic Chris :)

tsssss I’m almost searching around the keyjazz button and in the sample editor for options that are non-existent. After 13 years of Renoise… finally a toggle on keyjazz for sampleselection / whole sample? oh well… it must be late or something :o

Does it mean, to macro move (or something) the selected part of a sample to only play the selection as you like ?
If i understand what you mean, then it sounds like a good idea.

Even simpeler explained: select a piece of sample, press CTRL+T to trim. you now play only the selection (which is great :) )
But then I have to undo my trim action to select another part.

I want this trimmingstuff without the actual trimming to happen. Just select and play.
It feels unnatural; select a part = play a part. not the whole thing again :P

Such a simple feature, and I’ve been wanting it for quite a while! Although I don’t do live performances, it’d still be very useful to test how a sample would sound before you trim it/use the sample slice command.

(also, that glow effect needs to be implemented)

hurray!!! another believer in the keyjazz on sampleselection :D

I want this too!