Redux: M1 Logic Instantly Crashing on Open

Redux instantly crashes in Logic Pro on my Mac Studio M1 Ultra as soon as I attempt to open the GUI. Is it compatible with Logic Pro on M1?

It doesn’t really crash, but Logic reports an “incompatibility” and we have no idea what exactly it is. I’ll look into it, but unfortunately can’t promise a fix any time soon. The AU seems to work just fine in older versions of Logic and other hosts.

Well, when it reports the “incompatibility” I have to either quit the session or remove the track so as an end user it’s not much different than crashing.

Do you think it has to do with the fact that on the newest version of Logic Pro for M1 all AU plugins have to run outside of the process space (as a form of keeping crashes from affecting the host)? I think they enhanced this a bit more in the latest few macOS Ventura versions and I’ve seen a lot of developers have to patch and clean up their code in the past few months to not throw errors when their plugins are made to do this.

Maybe a quarantine / deep codesign issue?

FYI: We’ve found out why the instant crash happens on some machines, so a fix will be released soon.

However, there are several related issues: On some setups, opening the Redux GUI in Logic on macOS ventura crashes immediately.
On others, the GUI opens fine. But if you don’t do anything in the GUI and close it, Logic reports a “compatibility issue” and shuts down the plugin. If you open the GUI and select a preset or change a phrase, it closes fine.

And while we’re at it, I’d like to look at the other Logic problems here too:

which will unfortunately take some more time as this is hard to debug.


There’s now a new Redux 1.3.4 Windows 64-bit beta in the Renoise Backstage, that should fix the crash in Logic on MacOS Ventura. This also fixes the incompatibility warnings and crashes in later versions of Logic on other versions of MacOS.

However, the “resizing quirks” are still there. I have absolutely no idea why Logic doesn’t resize its window with the plugin. It works fine on all other hosts I’ve tested. Maybe because Redux is still an AudioUnit V2 plugin. I’ll file a bug report with Apple and hope they’ll address this in a future update, or at least let us know what we can do to fix it on our end.

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