Redux MIDI out?


Can Redux phrases send MIDI out to control other plugins?


AFAIK Redux doesn’t have midi output. Some similar(ish) topics ->

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Oh ok.


Sorry for bring this up again. But i think it still can be useful, even when sample fx commands are not possible. Atleast delay, velocity should be enough. Maybe some effects can be translated to MPE, too?

i think with midi out and supporting live recording , redux would become way more powerful than it already it



Shame this never happened.

( I’m using ReViSiT instead. )

the nr1 reason i want Midi out on redux is that i want to be able to chain redux pugins for for exponential complexity when it comes to randomly triggering notes and phrases.

If you use Reaper as a DAW you can also use this free plugin

lol, I’m a (minor) contributor to that.

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