Redux MIDI out?


Can Redux phrases send MIDI out to control other plugins?


AFAIK Redux doesn’t have midi output. Some similar(ish) topics ->

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Oh ok.


Sorry for bring this up again. But i think it still can be useful, even when sample fx commands are not possible. Atleast delay, velocity should be enough. Maybe some effects can be translated to MPE, too?

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i think with midi out and supporting live recording , redux would become way more powerful than it already it



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Shame this never happened.

( I’m using ReViSiT instead. )

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the nr1 reason i want Midi out on redux is that i want to be able to chain redux pugins for for exponential complexity when it comes to randomly triggering notes and phrases.

If you use Reaper as a DAW you can also use this free plugin

lol, I’m a (minor) contributor to that.

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I’m just wondering whether we could use the Redux plugins somehow to encode MIDI note on and note off events as audio, and then create an ‘audio-to-MIDI’ VST to decode the audio back to MIDI inside the DAW? We could in theory fit two bytes worth of data into a single 16-bit sample. The decoding part could be written in, say the ReaJS language which is part of ReaPlugs, which is a free download. The decoder could detect non-zero information in the incoming audio stream and translate it into MIDI events.

Maybe we could use a key tracker and something like the formula device to encode the note on and off messages?

I’m not all the familiar with the Renoise devices, but just wondered if anyone who is more knowledgeable than me could think about whether this is feasible?