Redux VST and 4K-Monitors - GUI scaling?

(nrg`) #1

so I just came back to renoise after years and discovered Redux and was instantly being hyped about it.

I’m just testing the demo version right now and I have already an urging suggestion to make…

have you ever tried to use NI Kontakt VST on a 4K-Monitor? You can’t even read the knob titles because the whole GUI is so tiny on large resolution monitors.

Redux seems to have the same problem. On 4K-Monitors every knob is unreadable tiny and you can’t work with it that way.

I guess the market for 4K-Monitors will rise in the future and more and more people have to struggle with tiny VST-GUIs with larger resolutions… and only the VST devs are able to fix this problem, because the Hosts can’t do anything about it.

and thats the point where I have to ask the renoise devs to add an option for VST-GUI scaling in Redux… free percentaged scaling would be awesome, but also double (200%) scaling would be a good option (small, medium, large, huge - even better).

what do you think? any other people having problems with GUI sizes on 4k+ monitors?

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(danoise) #2

I think it’s a good idea, focus has admittedly been on making Redux work with as little space as possible.

(Raul (ulneiz)) #3

I am alsoone with problems aboutfont sizes, both in Renoise and Redux. In fact, I want to buy a monitor with higher resolution, and I have not done yet because of Renoise.

You can change the size of fonts in the file " C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.0.1\Resources\Skin\Fonts\Config.xml" (Renoise) or" C:\Program Files\Renoise_Redux.res\Resources\Skin\Fonts\Config.xml" (Redux):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
















Note:Backup file and change before loading Renoise or Redux.

In Renoise 3.0.1 you can increased the values to 12 or 14 (just change the font size of text, not the cells that contain them.).You can adjust a little. Renoise, as it is, only allow zoom of approximately 15%.You can relieve somevision.The more you upload, the more phrases come out of the boxes. This is a problem of Renoise serious, and remains middle hidden. One DAWwho has worked this is FL Studio 12,with vectorialscaling.

I hope theRenoise Team will focus especially inRenoise.The program is impressive, but can still improvemany things.

I guess that gradually everything will be done…

(Raul (ulneiz)) #4

When I have time, I will post in suggestions sectionsome screenshots of what happens with increasing sources and how it looks, so that problems look…the problem of the size of fontsrelated to “C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.0.1\Resources\Skin\Fonts\Config.xml” …

(Legendary Taunt) #5

Would be great to have a complete gui redesign. Keep the layout as it is now, but maybe make everything vector based?

(emre_k) #6

This. And same goes for Renoise, of course.

(mphogacz) #7

Yes, please rework the UI. Issue with high resolution displays soon will be just a bug, notonly asubjects to feature request.