Reinstalling Renoise help

hi crew so my renoise has been buggy for the past 2 weeks

its getting slow while im dragging and dropping effects between mixer tracks and even on playback…

but my concern its that …this is happening with the most simple projects :frowning:

so this is weird as fuck

anyways what i want its to reinstall it …but like to …delete every previous information about it ,like it was never on the pc on the 1st place …

to see if the problem persists …

so beside the …obvious c/ folder and all of its content which other hidden …folders do i need to delete

or do i need tom look for a software to uninstall it


To wipe all your settings:

  1. Main Menu > Help > Show the preferences folder

  2. Shut down Renoise

  3. Delete (or rename) your “Config.xml” file from the preferences folder

  4. Restart Renoise

But before you do that… Check if you have many tools installed that are active:

Main menu > Tools > Tool Browser

It may just be a naughty tool (or several tools) which is intercepting certain events within Renoise and causing some lag.

You might need to do some Spring cleaning there.

no i’m pretty convinced …its not tool related since the only tools im using right now…

the 1st time i installed them was this morning for the video tutorial …

so …going to do it …the 1st 4 steps …and see how it goes

I actually recently had the same issue and had to re-download Renoise to have all my library files wiped out, which is why I’m focused on making .xrnl files to prevent that from happening again and hurting my production too much, and even then I can’t do it. Weird.

(Using a Mac, don’t know if it makes a difference.)

i keep having he same problem :frowning:

renoise its using a lot of the cpu with simple sounds …

what should i do …

i tried reinstalling the software …i dont know how this is happening …