Unresponsive UI troubleshooting help

Hi there,

I’ve recently reinstalled the Renoise Demo after getting my Macbook fixed and I’ve noticed an issue that I didnt encounter before the reinstall - the UI is very unresponsive. The major area I notice this in is the main tracker view - scrolling the pattern is very laggy and was definitely not like this before. The other thing unusual that I noticed was during first startup, two crashes happening during the scanning of two plugins, plus another two crashes after deleting my config files and having it rescan - this time being a different plugin. I attribute this to the plugins but i thought it was worth mentioning. I have followed the advice in this post, and these were my results: I restarted renoise and had it crash twice on plugin scan (seer above), then once it loaded on the third time and interface was not laggy, it was back to normal - I then went into fullscreen, and the lag started. Exited fullscreen and the lag persisted. Only a restart helped.
I’m using Renoise 3.1 64bit, on MacOS v10.14.5.

Could anyone help me troubleshoot this? I’d usually attribute such lag to my laptop’s retina screen but as I have used Renoise before on this machine I know that it has worked just fine.

Any ideas on what this may be? Many thanks!

This is frustrating as there is not yet a bug release fixing High Sierra and Mojave issues. It sounds like you’re experiencing the same issue as in this thread: Very low FPS on a 2018 MB pro.

Only seems to be a problem in Mojave. High Sierra has issues with AU plugins, but not low framerate. I assume Mojave would have the AU issues too. Shifting sands seems to be the name of the game with Apple at the moment, what with changing their apis and technologies to fit their aims. (Funny that they name releases after deserts :slight_smile: ) But, also a release for Renoise has been a long time coming.

We’ve been informed some weeks/months ago that development has been resumed, and fixes are in the post…Hope this helps?? Other folks on the forum will have better info for you I’m sure, but unless you can rewind to 10.12 Sierra, then I’m not too sure what to suggest.

The thread that you linked fixed my issue thank you! I put Renoise into low resolution mode and it works smoothly. Also I tried linking to an external display and the problem was also fixed, so it’s definitely a Mojave + Renoise compatibility issue as you stated, so maybe some optimisation is needed. I feel like this may be a common trend at the moment, the recent hardware and releases have broken the UI of a fair few good products (Dune 2/3 VSTs were broken, although a fix is apparently on its way from the developers). At least there is a workaround for now, I just hope that new MacOS updates don’t break even the workaround. Thanks again!

Glad I could help. I would stay put and not update for time being, unless there is a critical reason to do so :slight_smile:

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