Rekontrol: Korg Padkontrol Tool [Deprecated ]

Note that this tool is deprecated and will no longer be updated or maintained.

I thought I’d take a break from writing synths and have a go at (yet another) step sequencer.

This tool converts the Korg padKontrol into another method to control Renoise. ReKontrol is a working name and may change in the future. The eventual aim is to have many features, however, currently only a step sequencer is available.

The project came about since I rarely use my padKontrol and thought I’d better put it to some use.

Demo video:

ReKontrol features so far:

  • Visual playback position feedback (pad flashes)
  • Quarter note resolution (regardless of LPB setting)
  • Unlimited pattern lengths can be handled
  • Unlimited track numbers can be handled
  • Unlimited instruments can be handled
  • Note on / off via the illuminated pads (entry = illuminated, empty = unilluminated) [pads 1 - 16]
  • Pad velocity = new note volume
  • Fixed velocity (max volume) [‘fixed velocity’ button]
  • Track selection with LCD feedback [rotary encoder] (default display)
  • Instrument selection with LCD feedback [‘prog change’ button hold (and encoder for modification)]
  • New note pitch selection with LCD feedback [‘note/cc#’ button hold (and encoder for modification, or ‘setting’ to toggle note off)]
  • Pattern sequencer slot selection with LCD feedback [‘scene’ button hold (and encoder for modification)]
  • Quick track area clear [‘note/cc#’ button hold and press ‘scene’]
  • BPM modification with LCD feedback [‘pedal’ button hold (and encoder for modification)]
  • Start/stop playback with feedback [‘roll’ button]
  • Block loop toggle with feedback [‘flam’ button]

Are there many other users who own a padKontrol? I’ll push the tool out eventually anyway, but I’m wondering how much use it would get during beta testing.

edit: Control description, added version 0.1, video. Version 0.1 is for Renoise 2.7.2

Me too!
Any updates about Rekontrol yet ?

I’ll post a version up in this thread sometime in the coming week.

Great to know!
Can’t wait )
Good luck with it.

Version 0.1 added to the first post in the thread along with updated controls reference.

Enjoy (and report crashes!)

Yeaaahaaa! Thanks! I’ll test it and report.

Popping this message when i choosing “Connect reKontrol device”.

Hmm, ok. I thought all the padKontrol midi device names were the same. What device names are available on your system?


i use padKONTROL PORT A, it responds in Renoise.

Ok, on my machine they appear as padKONTROL 1 PORT A etc. with a number.

If you want to try it immediately, modify the following in ‘main.lua’

 midi_in_connect("padKONTROL 1 PORT A")  
 midi_out_connect("padKONTROL 1 CTRL")  


 midi_in_connect("padKONTROL PORT A")  
 midi_out_connect("padKONTROL CTRL")  

Greeeeeat! It works perfectly ! All functions avialable here.
I need time to get into it. But i really like how it works! All shown with litten buttons and playback moving thru it. Great ! )))
Thanks a lot for getting my padControl out of the dusty sofa and get it back in charge!
What about touch-pad ? Any ideas how to use it ? scratch-pad ? scrubble-pad ? page or sample positioning ?

Also as i understand - tool need to be updated with new version of Renoise )
Hope you’ll find time to develop more !
Good luck.

I know! I have lots of tools to update. It will be done, do not worry.

Also, I added a demo video to the first post (testing out a video camera).

I think we should petition for you to become an Alpha Tester so you can do it secretly in the background while the rest of us have no idea what is going on and all the wonderful tools will be ready on the day of Beta release ;)

wow !!! good idea and for launchpad to !!!

Incredible tool, I’ll have to try it in 2.7 :)

I would’ve loved to see the video, mxb, but looks like no longer available. Just recently bought a Korg padKontrol so very interested.

Curious what happened with MXB, started off with a vengeance creating a bunch of great tools to eventually vanish without a trace? Probably missed some forum drama.