Released my 2nd VST3 plugin! Anyone willing to give it a spin?


This is sort of a follow-up to Released my first VST3 plugin / beta testers needed.
The new project is over here and here GitHub - sjoerdvankreel/firefly-synth: Semi-modular synthesizer and FX plugin for Windows, Linux and Mac, VST3 and CLAP..

With a bugfix in Renoise 3.4.4 (Possible (probable?) bug w.r.t. vst3 parameter flushing - #9 by ffx) firefly synth should now run fine in renoise as long as you stick to a single version of the plugin. Although I still cannot “officially” support renoise untill this Saved automation data does not respect VST3's parameter id is resolved or I find a workaround myself.

Major changes wrt the previous project (InfernalSynth):

  • Win/Lin/Mac support
  • FM support
  • Distortion module

There’s some Renoise-specific demo material over here: firefly-synth/demos/demo at main · sjoerdvankreel/firefly-synth · GitHub.

Thanks to all who helped me out last year, and any feedback welcome on the new project.

-cheers, Sjoerd