Released my first VST3 plugin / beta testers needed

Hi all!

Just released my first plugin, and since I’m mostly a Renoise user, and all of the demo material is in Renoise format, I thought I’d post it here. I’d be very grateful if anyone of you would be willing to test the plugin, just let me know all the wrinkles I’d have to fix. The project’s over here: SevenSynth - An open source VST3 synthesizer and effect plugin. Just to get an idea of what it can do, the demo track is made using only Renoise and this plugin, no external stuff required: seven/demo_track.mp3 at master · sjoerdvankreel/seven · GitHub or
I hope you’ll find it useful.

-regards, Sjoerd


I’m a software guy beside the music. Finding bugs is where I thrive on :stuck_out_tongue: Would like to test.

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Great, thanks! There’s regular and debug binaries on the project website, let me know if you need anything else. I’m off on a holiday for a couple weeks so i won’t be doing any bugfixing during that time, but i’ll try to answer any questions you may have. And if you find anything you can just open a github issue for it. Thanks again!

Loaded the demo tracks so far so good, no hiccups, good sound, cpu usage below 10% and very fast loading/unloading the gui.Now when i load the synth in a new project i have no sound even when all the osc are on ,what am i doing wrong?The gui is not bad but it feels like i am clicking on an ice surface, not very natural, it does not invite me to tweak it.The output/cpu tab is that so useful? If not i would get rid of it you have already too much going on in the panel.Thats all for now but you have done a remarkable job so far my friend

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No sound is probably because of audio routing. Select osc 1 to voice in audio a, then voice to master in audio b. Probably should make that the default in instrument mode. Alternatively right click on some empty space like a graph, then select load preset>init instrument. Agreed id better drop the cpu details, but i like the clipping indicator and voice counter. Thing is, adding and removing stuff like that usually needs a bit of a ui overhaul to keep things nicely aligned etc.

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