Remember Sync Setting In Samples When Imported


I’m importing a bunch of beatsamples from another track of mine in a song I’m working on and have to manually set again the sync settings for each sliceloop. This is very irritating and I wish Renoise would somehow ‘know’ / remember the sync settings used from the song I’m importing from in the disk-op.



It would be better if we also had the option to load instruments from songs, instead of just samples, so that all properties could be imported. There was some discussion about it a while ago actually.

Indeed, why isn’t that possible right now!?

I probably missed that discussion as I was sipping on cocktails on the copacabana for a few weeks :)

Huge +1 to this

Here’s a thread I started back in 2007, haha:

I seem to recall something being discussed a bit more recently than this, but I’m not really sure at the moment.

Anyway, I assume the problem stems from the fact that there would have to be some XRNS unpacking in order to access the instrument data, which might be a bit slow?

Edit: Ah, no, of course… it’s because the Song XML would have to be parsed first. The samples are easy to get to because they’re stored separately inside the XRNS.

Seems like this is something that can only really be solved by updating the XRNS file format itself, to provide easier access to the various components of a Renoise song - PatternData.xml, InstrumentData.xml, etc.

In the meantime, I wonder if some meta tag within the WAV/FLAC format could be used to store the beat sync value, and a flag whether it’s enabled or disabled?


More possibilities of loading stuff in from previous tracks is one in my top for new features. :)

i open a second instance of renoise and copy/paste the stuff i want.

Done this quite a few times myself, hehe. Hardly the most practical solution, but it does get the job done. :)

ive also done this,but it would be handy to have this