Render Section In Matrix

it’s redundant I know, but the matrix should have it.

Get’s my ++

Anyway there should be more to do with selections in matrix… Like transposing, swapping instruments, etc (Advanced Editor)
As I suggested.

Agree with both of these. Advanced edit should now have option “Selection in matrix”.

Nice one eeter & Ortac! that could be as simple as adding an extra radio button to the selection indices at the top of adv edit. I was curious if something similar along the lines to this had been brought up before render and adv edit is very ++!
I rated thread 5 stars. :D

Yep, I like it. There’s been a few times when I’ve gone hunting for this feature to find it’s not there yet. Especially helpful when rendering down complex loop sections, or breaking stuff up into stems.


this gets my +1 too

Must have :)


There’s still time to put it in 2.6, right? ;)


Could this one be scripted?

Better yet, a ‘render matrix selection to sample’ would rock natively imo! :walkman: :blink: :angry: :ph34r: B) :( :o :lol: :w00t: :yeah: :guitar: :drummer: