Render slices to track? Slice audio to midi?

I can slice drum loop to phrase but I want it in track instead. How to convert it? Basically I want “slice audio to midi track” like in Ableton Live. What is the workflow?

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There is no audio to midi in Renoise like Abletons if I am not mistaking but you can use the phrase in any track but I guess you already know that.Your best bet is using a vst like melodyne. I think fl studio edison vst can convert audio to midi too

Well that’s the problem: how do I use phrase in track?
I simply copy phrase and paste it in track:


But I need:


How to convert it?

Check the manual on how to keymap the phrases it’s pretty easy.I don’t have time right now but if you have any problems I will answer later.

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I don’t want to use phrase because it’s a sequence nested in sequence. It won’t work with hardware sampler over midi. I only need to extract the groove from phrase to use it in track.

I’m not sure if I completely understand your question, but this might be useful:

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Slices to pattern! That’s exactly what I need. Why is it not built-in.
Thanks, you saved me a lot of tedious work.

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