Rendering resets instrument mod wheel macro

When i try to render a track it resets the ‘Modulation’ slider, it took me a while to figure out why the rendered track sounded completely crap. I guess i need to make a key command or automation to save the modulation slider settings, but this shouldn’t be necessary as it does save with the instrument and it does not seem logic that it just wipes your settings and renders something completely useless.

Can you describe the problem in more detail? Which exact modulation slider(s) is reset? Under what exact circumstances?

Maybe you can share a simple XRNS which demonstrates this problem, and tell us exactly how to replicate it?

I mean the mod wheel. I use mod wheel slider of an instrument to where it sounds good, thinks everything is fine and renders the track, just to find out that the it does not sound good anymore because the mod wheel slider was reset the moment i hit ‘Start’ in the render track menu.

I’ll upload the track to the download section any minute now. It’s a demo for my new drum synth instrument.

I mean the mod wheel.

Ah, ok! Indeed, it does seem to get reset when rendering. Well spotted.

I spotted first!I spotted first! :badteeth: Where is my price?

See here:

IMHO this needs to be fixed soon, because it sucks.

Haha, it shure gave me a ‘WTF is going on?’ moment. :smiley:

Your price is a sticker. All you need is a printer and a sticker sheet and i’ll provide you with your very own Renoise sticker. :lol:

It’s solved by making an automation to save the setting, but it shure is anoying when you forget and a lot worse if you’re not aware of this. So i’d like to see a fix for this too.