I suspect I already know the answer to this, but is there any way to render or export a song i created in the demo version of Renoise? (Yes I know I’m cheap). Once I get some money in I plan to buy the full version.


Yeah, you can ask someone to do it for you.

You can record the output of your system, but that’s so lame.

We should do online service for rendering songs for $5. So if someone is too cheap to buy Renoise he can render songs for $5 per piece. :)

For nomadic internet cafe trackers. This idea passes by and says hello when I worry of my computer breaking down and not having funds to quickly get a new one or fix it.

There are plenty of solutions to achieve this.
But the better rendering options like 32-bit and arguru sinc will never be available to you.
Plus any glitches that occur will be recorded along.
I’ve made that attempt in the past… if you run out of CPU power, you have to go through hell for that.
It is not impossible, but it costs you a lot of extra hours of labour just to record a song track by track and then mix it together again in some other application.

or ask people willing to donate money to Renoise to buy a license for you

huh?! I always recorded it with output to mic in.
It just sounded a little crappier then rendering it, but it was allright and free.
Record, play, waiting, done. :D
Try that out, but keep in mind that arguru sinc is the only way to fly (render) XD.

if everything fails, you can always record to cassette!

Play your tunes to someone who has money (maybe your parents, or some friends) and ask them “Man, I work so hard on my music. Someday I hope it’s worth something but for now do you guys/girls think my music is worth 49 Euros?” and if the answer is yes, well then you can manipulate the conversation into getting the money from them.

Just tell your friends if they would scrabble 60 euro’s together for you, they all get a CD from you after you rendered the material.

:blink: 49 euro’s too much???

Shut up, full-time working squatterman ;)


there is a way in practice
i used some time ago
use vst recorder to disk
so you can render even in 32 bit 96000 hz
and maybe 96000 cubic converts almoust the same to 44100 arguru
and bo gliches, even cpu do not enof fast

Recording to cassette is recording with a maximum of style :D

Hehe, I actually own a Nakamichi NR-200, just to obtain that Dolby B/C-cassette sound - you know, when you’ve recorded it to tape using Dolby and then played it back without Dolby. :slight_smile: It will sound more bright and some sounds will really sound more alive, especially dry boring GM-sounds and so on. :slight_smile:

Yeah, some of my tracks sound way better on tape.
Ive got a aiwa AD-F500 (1€ ebay, no joke) and I am really glad to have it.

THAT could be a brilliant idea!

on the Amiga I used Minidisc to record it.
I remember on my first PC I had a cable from the out to in.
played a song and recorded it with wavelab.

But really, you want to save yourself the trouble, and buy the full version ;)