Renoise 1.27 beta1 is available

Renoise 1.27Beta1 is finally available for registered users. The official
non beta relase for everyone will follow shortly (as soon as all reported
bugs are fixed).

Use this version with care ! Its tested by us and should not contain any
big bugs, but we can only be sure of that if you help us testing!
The more bugs and small problems you find and report now, the more
stable will the final version be.

How to install :

Log into the userpages and download and run the Installer first.
You will find the link to the installer in the “installation notes” in the
user pages and not! on our downloadpage !
After that, overwrite the Renoise.exe with the executeable you`ve
downloaded from the userpages.

About this release :

This release containes tons of small improvements and preparations
for the upcoming big features like a fully bitmaped skined graphical
interface, the piano roll, the MAC version of Renoise and the arranger.
See the list below for details.
We also fixed a big compatibility problem with some GFX cards, which
resulted in a slow graphical interface and improved the overall GUI
The Help file is not yet updated. But it will be in the final relase.

How to report a bug :

Please write as usual a mail to or post into this
forum. Please make clear wich version of Renoise you have used
when reporting a bug !

Whats new :

  • Added : new improved DiskOp
    not much of the old one is left, so I’m too lazy to list the new features
    here. Take some minutes to play around with it.

  • Added : support for ogg samples (load them in the diskop as sample)

  • Added : A new device to the native effects section :
    “StereoExpander” This device can reduce (to mono) or expand the
    stereowidth of the incoming signals.

  • Added : The old compressor is now back as “Shaper” (tm :) in the
    native dspdevice section

  • Added : The current selected Track and Instrument is now saved with the song

  • Added : 2 new GUI performance options (available only in the
    config.xml) mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInWindowedMode (default 1)
    mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInFullscreenMode (default 0) By default
    Renoise uses now all the available CPU in fullscreenmode and is more
    gentle in windowed mode. You can change this behaviour by modifiying
    these flags in the “Config.xml” file. For example : if you dont want
    to run other programs beside Renoise but want to run in windowed mode,
    set the mCooperativeGUIPerformanceInWindowedMode to 0 and all free CPU
    power will be used by the GUI to have a faster and smoother GUI.

  • Added : Remotemapper improvements : You can now specify a range
    (min/max) for the remotemapped value and interpret the value inverse

  • Added : a vertical Sliderbar in the PatternEditor

  • Added : You can now clone whole sequences of patterns in the sequencer
    via keyboard shortcuts :

CloneCurrentPattern (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F1) acts as usual
and inserts a new unique pattern directly behind the current one.

CloneTwoPatternSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F2)

CloneElevenPatternSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F11)
CloneSongSequence (LControl + LShift + LAlt + F12)

Will clone the current selcted pattern plus the next X Patterns and
add them as a new unique sequence behind the currrent one.
CloneSongSequence will do this for the whole song.

This is of course only a temorary solution, but it works. I’ve added
this as it sometimes a pain to do such operations with the current
sequencer. Of course the new “arranger-like” sequencer will fix this
but as this will take some time to implement this solution might be
handy in some situations. (At least I used it a lot the last time :)

  • Added : a new 4Pole 24db lowpass filter to the filterdevice

  • Added : new keyboardsection “InstrumentEditor”. Right now only
    “BackToPatternEditor” is defined there but more key assignment will

  • Added : new Button “Hide all unused” next to the patterneditor to
    hide all unused pan- and volume columns in the song

  • Changed : Faster GUI (and the GUI lagging problems on some machines
    should be fixed now)

  • Changed : Faster “Rendering To Disk” (only available in the
    registered version)

  • Changed : smoother Patternscrolling

  • Changed : Trackmuting works no longer as it does on mixingboards by
    defalt now: When muting a track, no notes are triggered from the
    pattern, but you can still play notes via the keyboard on it. This
    means that the track will no longer calculate audio as soon as its
    muted and you can free up some resources by muting tracks.

  • Changed : The internal “Filter” device uses less CPU now

  • Changed : The “*MidiCCDevice” shows now also the Name in the
    trackautomation view

  • Changed : The Track / Song and Instrumentnames are no longer limited
    to 20 chars. Also the Instrumentnames are now also visible when no
    sample/ VSTi or MIDI instrument is assigned

  • Changed : When the cursor is not on a noterow and you are playing
    notes via the Keyboard in non Editmode, the next available noterow is
    automatically used so that you can also play notes when a volume/pan
    or effectcolumn is selected

  • Fixed : a bug in the XM importer that skipped importing some XM’s
    with a “Importing failed. File is corrupt” Message.

  • Fixed : All native filters sound now the same on all samplerates.
    Also the wrong frequencyrange of some Filtertypes is fixed now.

  • Fixed : VST effects where always active after loading, even if you
    saved them disabled (bypassed).

  • Fixed : fixed crackling problems with some TC Works VST`s :
    (DeEsser/Compressor, Limiter, SideChainer, Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ)

  • Fixed : The parameternames of the “*MidiCCDevice” and
    “*VstiAutomationDevice” where not updated correctly in the
    trackautomation view

  • Fixed : when copying patterns or tracks, envelopes where not

  • Fixed : ImpulseTracker modules with no trackdata crashed

  • Fixed : when moving the virtual screen in the trackdsp’s, some
    pixels where not properly cleared

  • Fixed : If you applied the track-fx to a sample then even fx which
    where off where applied to the sample.

  • Fixed : When selecting a value in automation, the number for the
    lines wasnt shown in hexadecimal, although hexidecimal patternno was

  • Fixed : The statusline showed wrong (previous) effect chain number
    in the mastertrack when typing in effects

  • […] as usual tons of other small improvements and fixes : )

On behalf of the whole Renoise team :

holy smokes!

that IS alot of changes!!!

I so gotta check this out!!!

God bless you Renoise Team, for making my life worth living


ps: Where are the user pages i can download the version from? :unsure:

bOTH (<-- that is a renoise bug ! ;)) nevermind that, just capslock turned on becoz of renoise ;)

Both links are on the user pages, look carefully, and you will find links to an ínstaller file, and your registered exe file.

edit thing:: I downloaded this at 00:00 so i’ve spend an whole hour now, and it all looks and feels complete somehow, good job.

I can’t get the stereo expander to work though… not on samples or vsti.

the DiskOp does nomore filter the files by extension:
in the old DiskOp, RNS files were on the top, while now there is a simple alphabetical ordering

1.27 … great great great … but first problems with a old 1.261 song … more bug-infos later …

great work Renoise-Team and - thanx thanx thanx!!!

yes it does: uncheck “.” and select filetype on the left.

Fantastic job as always, team. Some wonderful improvements here, thanks heaps. On a sad note though I just lost a very important piece of work due to the new diskop system. I’m pretty devastated about this - so be careful users.

The new disk op system is great, but it seems to ignore what the song is called in the “song properties” area - also it doesn’t ask you if you want to overwrite a file if it has the same name - I think this is a HUGE problem, because all it takes is one slip of the mouse and you’ve lost hours of hard, irretrievable work.


ok, enough. I’m just really glad you fixed the typo “Song Lenght” back to “Song Length” :lol: oh yeah, and all the other updates own me. I sport Renoise all the time, now I will even more : D

if i install this, will i have to over-write my old version of renoise?

i’ll probably do it anyway, but if i could have a beta AND a regular one installed that would be great

this “backtopattern” button for instrument editor … doesn’t pressing F1 jump there too ?

seems nice!

yes it does (and so fast!!!), though i have picked some bugs already

do you want them all via e-mail? or should i make a specific thread in the bug forum so you don’t get the same ones over and over?

also, one of the major bugs just might be a configuration issue on my part… it doesn’t seem to save any of my settings. the favourite directories don’t seem to work AT ALL; i save them and it says they save, but if i try to left-click them nothing happens. also, each time i have loaded renoise, it has had the default colour scheme/VST directory etc, even though i’ve set it during my previous use. could this be because each time i’ve set them, renoise has exited via a crash? or something to do with me having this installed in a separate directory to 1.261? (i wanted to have both installed)

update: now they work! okay, that is very strange, it seems that if i just load renoise, the favourites directories don’t work. but if i load renoise, exit renoise, and then load it again, not only will it ask me for a VST directory on boot-up, but i can now use the favourites tabs… strange. anyone else experience this?

also it doesn’t ask you if you want to overwrite a file if it has the same name - I think this is a HUGE problem, because all it takes is one slip of the mouse and you’ve lost hours of hard, irretrievable work.

I agree… Please renoise team, fix this in your next full release, I’d hate to see a song i’ve worked on for hours suddenly get recorded over by a silly mistake.


yes i think this is a bug … i’ve noticed the same problem …

This is not a bug, it’s a feature :)

The favourites store the treeroot directory. Try this:

  • rightclick a subdirectory, this sets it as the new treeroot.
  • rightclick a favourite button (1-4)
  • rightclick another subdirectory or press up/down arrows on the left to select another treeroot
  • leftclick the favourite button you first pressed

got it? once you get the hang of it, this makes better use of the screenspace and is quite nice to work with. (I didn’t like it very much at first either).

GREAT WORK GUYS!!! :yeah: :yeah:

Once more I’m amazed of how cool Renoise is and all the features you stuffed in! :)

Big ups for the DiskOp, StereoExpander, clone of patterns, shut off of muted tracks, hide all unused and especially the huge speed optimizations!!

Keep up the good work!

i’m not entirely sure what you mean…

also, it’s not very intuitive - how about a splash screen when you first run renoise, that tells you to do this?

i just installed the new version a few minutes ago, and the first impression about the new diskop is a nice one indeed but…
the changelog reads like this at a certain point:

so why am i also able to load mp3s as samples? O_o
i mean, i’m not complaining or something, but this should’ve been worth a mention as well i suppose :D

so far - really really nice effort guys :P

this is true. many people have asked about this. but the splash screen is a bit radical I think, after all there are lots of things people don’t know about.