Renoise 1.27 beta2 is available

About this release :

All known, reproduceable bugs are fixed.

If you are an author of a bugreport of one of the unreproduceable bugs described
below, tell us if the bug is maybe already fixed (as a consequence of another fix) or
if its still in the Beta2 release.
If its still in, please try to describe it as precise as possible.

Sorry for the delay, but we just wanted to be sure that this verison is as rockstable
as possible, wich has cost us quite a lot of testing time.

Thanks to all who helped us by reporting bugs and problems.
With your help, the final version will be release very soon.

Howto install :

Yo only need to download the new executeable from the userpages.
There is no need to run the installer again ! Simply replace the old
beta 1 “Renoise.exe” with the new beta2 executeable.

History (changes since Beta1) :

============= Fixed :

<- Keyjazz didnt worked with MIDI only instruments.

<- Strange messages about wrong MIDI settings when loading a song

<- ASIO crackles and bad performance

<- Old songs and instruments with filter envelopes where wrong imported
(with a wrong filter type)

<- Couldnt store presets for the instrument envelopes…

<- The duplicate pattern button freezed the interface for a looooong time
when duplicating

<- Strange crashes when importing old Renoise songs

<- RNi`s wich where saved with the 1.27 beta 1 could not be opened
(you can open them now with beta 2 though)

<- Basenote parameters of VST instruments where wrong imported
when loading old Renoise songs

<- Only the root node of the directory tree view was stored.
Now a “snapshot” of the current status is made and properly restored.

<- SupaTrigga VST FX didnt worked -> better VSTTimeinfo support

<- If you loaded a song, zap the patterns and then started a new one, it
keept the automation from the previous song.

<- Themes where saved without the “.xml” extension

<- In the instr.editor, the graphical keyboard had some gfx bugs at the
bottom of each C-note

<- With two or more envelopes, only the last one could be edited or deleted

<- The “Distorsion” DSP device showed an empty label instead of “filter”

============= not reproduceable (already fixed ?) :

?- if you load a song, change something, then load another and click no when it
asks to save, it crashes

?- The complete diskop freezes till you restart Renoise

?- when removing a line in the patterneditor via backspace the new lines contain
not empty notes but "’*%&"isch

?- CPU meter shows all the time 100% (even if no sound is running at all)

?- playing/recording with keyjazz produces clicks and pops

============= new stuff / addons / improvements :

  • You can specify a filename and directory in the render dialog now

  • The songtimer will now be reseted when starting the song and not when

  • Added a refresh button in the diskop to reload the directorytree and files

  • Owerwriting files will ask for a confirmation again

  • The move track buttons are no longer in each trackhead but in the sidepanel
    of the patterneditor

  • Tickeffects like 0x0E (retrigger) or 0x0d (delay) are excluded when humanizing
    (advancededit panel)

Good boy!

No no no… you got this all wrong.

if you load a song, change something, then load the same song and click no when it asks to save, it crashes.

This one is still there.

you sure? i haven’t tried beta 2 yet, but the build i was using earlier (Which is a few days old) didn’t seem to have that bug…though i didn’t try many times to reproduce it.

a bug and a HOORAY

bug: well, not really. but you say that in the new version, when you try to save under a filename that already exists it asks you to over-write. no it doesn’t. my mouse slipped and i accidentally clicked the ‘save’ button while i was toying with a VST editor, and it just flat-out over-wrote my song. luckily i had not changed it much, but if i had deleted something, or even started a new track (the filename would still be in the field) i would be VERY mad right now! but i’m not. and you can now fix it so i never will be (at least at this :P)

HOORAY: an easy workaround for the ‘black screen’ issue with synth1 - just focus renoise before you close the editor, and you won’t get the screen. meaning click anywhere outside of the editor, then close it. perhaps this work around will help you figure how to prevent the screen altogether?

Ok, I rechecked. As it turns out it was only this one song… something is strange here though. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow but now I really need to get some sleep.

Could you send me this song ?

yum yum, 1.27 getting mature. :D
just returned from 5 hours of testing and evaluating. this is very close to a final release imho.
ASIO/MIDI working perfectly well without a hiccup.
backwards compatability is much better than in beta1, although there still is a problem with the filter handling on 1.25/1.26 written files.
the filter spectrum is somewhat different even at same output samplerate.

and there still is the problem with the higher CPU usage, as there are tunes which still play fluently without clicks in 1.26, whereas they don’t do so in this current (and previous) beta version (cpu usage aprx. 5-8%higher). if i recall right other users also reported something of that matter.

but besides that - marvellous work & release!


Thanks so much for fixing that!

nice work, Renoise-Team,

what’s about my other suggestions with the beta1 track-move-buttons as column add/sub buttons … and the suggested diskop changes … :rolleyes:

not for this release?!?!?! B)

and Taktik, what’s about the Kontakt problems … fixed?! (no time to test it in the next days)

Great job thanks it works fine now.
There’s still a tiny bug here =>

In Config/Audio/sample rate => When you change the sample rate here for instance going from 44100 to 48000, the VSTi’s don’t eract to this well, a they get transposed up ! At least this happens with the (only) one I use => EVP 73 rhodes. Could you check this please ? Does any experience the same thing ?

I also wonder if this version got a little bit slower than 1.261.
the same song using that vsti worked fine with my home AMD 1ghz, in directsound with 5 ms latency. Here at work no my P4 2.8 ghz, it slow down and crackles big time on certain parts of the song if I keep Directsound at 5 ms. It works fine if I go up to 7 ms :) So I guess it’s not that much of a big deal, but considerig the huge speed difference between my 2 computers, I’m afraid if this means Renoise is sadly getting slower because of new features and enhancements (but hey that’s life). :)

Anyway this new beta seems to rock so far, thanks Renoise Team for your time and efforts, keep it up.

A suggestion :

I like very much this new feature that allows you to move a track among and between others. Also it could be great to be able to delete and add tracks arbitrary this way (like adding one single track THERE, or just deleting this stupid Hit Hat over there…) This would complete the concept of moving the tracks I think.

In Config/Audio/sample rate => When you change the sample rate here for
instance going from 44100 to 48000, the VSTi’s don’t eract to this well, a they
get transposed up ! At least this happens with the (only) one I use => EVP 73
rhodes. Could you check this please ? Does any experience the same thing ?

This is not our fault, but a bug of the “EVP 73”.
Its a shame that there are quite a lot of VST’s that are not sample rate “safe” …

Ho ok, thanks for letting me know.

Do not miss this one…t=ST&f=7&t=2431
pretty essensial to be fixed before sharp release ;)

1.27 is damned slower than 1.261. true. :(

Machine used for test => P3 1Ghz, 512mo, windows 98. (yeah :unsure: )
Directsound (no asio), with Sblive!.

the track uses only samples, quite some EQ and filters and reverbs. EVP 73 vsti used (loaded 3 times, because it cannot play on more than one track at once).

With 1.261: the tune runs smoothly nutil the end, even the patterns scroll in a correct fashion (direct sound set to 5ms latency)

With 1.27 beta2: the tune can’t play with 5ms latency, I have to go up arounf 25 or 30ms for it to be played smoothly. But the pattern scrolling is very slow (and the tune still occasionnaly slows down by crackles). Same result with the same test on a AMD 1Ghz under win2k, direct sound AND Asio. 1.27 is unable to play the tune smoothly enough.

Is it a temporary speed issue or is it simply the consequence of the new structure behind the scene and the new features that are coming ?

I’m trying to use Renoise in the more professional way possible, which means at the end of the year I’d like to be back in freelnce game composing with a near 100% Renoise solution. I’d like it to be the center of everything, this is my ideal (I’m kind of fed up with Sonar :)). That is why I’m scared by seing Renoise’s performances diminishing with each new version. I understand that we are asking for many features and that everything has a cost. But I’d like to not be forced to buy a new PC every 6 months…

5ms with directx, wow is this possible… that must be a new feature of DirectX9, are you sure you havent reinstalled the system with DirectX8 on? just a wild guess ;)

Actually. You’ve already got it.

I sent you a song with some strange unitentional pitching with the Amod filter DSP. This “song” will also crash renoise when trying to reload it.

However I can not totally reproduce it.
i.e. I can’t start from scratch with a new song, load the same sample, add the same effects with the same settings - this will not cause the bug. Hmmmm…

The other bug though I can reproduce at any time. Try this:

  • Load a drumloop sample, put it in a track and make the adjustments needed for it to play during the whole pattern.
  • Add a AMod filter DSP
  • Set the filter so that you can clearly hear a “tone”. If it’s hard, add an amp distortion.
  • Save the song.
  • Reload and play
  • Listen closely. After the pattern has played for a while (it may have to loop a coupple of times. It depends on what settings you have on the filter) you will hear that it suddenly pitches down/up a halfnote. The amount of pitch and whether it’s up or down also seems to depend on what settings you have on the filter.

Note: This isn’t a 1.27 specific bug. But since I discovered it now I might aswell mention it here.

Edit: Ofcourse any sample will do it but it’s easier to hear with a drumloop.

yeah, CPU usage seems to be up. :( i can’t play my beatbattle song anymore.

do not forget to update the newspage ;)