Renoise 1.27 RC1 is available for registered users

About this release :

This is the last 1.27 release that is only available for registered users. The
next one will be the 1.27 finaly relase, and therefore again be accessable
for all users on the official download page.

Some might asked themselfes, why this “small” release (0.1 update) took
that long, and why there are so many fixes in the last two beta releases:

First, this release has not that less new features and improvements as the
small change in the versionnumber might suggest. We have added tons
of mostly small but important stuff.

Further, many things are happening under the hood that are currently not
yet visible for you in new features, but prepare the new big steps in the
development, that we have planned.
Renoise was never “designed” from the beginning, to contain the upcoming
planned features like the arranger, zoomable patterneditor, PianoRoll or
Mac port of Renoise. Therefore much has changed inbetween, to make all
these features possible without rewriting it from the scratch again. So we
wont stop where we are now. Our goal is, to combine the power of old
tracking concepts with new technologies and proven editing capabilities
that are known from common used sequencers. So things are happening.
Even if you cannot see them at once in new features.

Howto install :

Important : The resource files have changed again, so make sure that
you`ve downloaded and run the new installer again. You will find a link to
the installer in the userpages below the link to the registered executeable.

Howto report problems or bugs :

Please write as usual a mail to or post into this forum.
I wont be here for some days, so please dont get a shock if I dont reply
till monday. If you want or need a fast answer to your question
or bugreport, write to Martin, Pulsar or Ks

History (changes since Beta2) :

============= Fixed :

<- ASIO performance problems which resulted in randomly distorted output on
some setups

<- The samplerate setting in the Audio/Configs tab was not properly restored
after restarting

<- Some LP filter settings of older Renoise modules were not correctly imported

<- Timing problems with some VSTi`s. “TBL Bassline” for example ran out of sync
after a while

<- VSTi assigning problems, after you had moved a VST instrument with the move
buttons in the instrument chooser box

<- VSTis will no longer produce a click after youve hit the Panic button

<- Importing problems with XM modules that had patterns with a lenght of FF

<- The envelope symbol appears again in the track head if the current
pattern / track has at least one envelope

<- Removed the “Pattern” category out of the DiskOp till its implemented. Many
users were confused that saving patterns didn’t work

<- Sometimes, when copying patterndata from a short to a long pattern, the pattern
was filled with trash at the end

============= new stuff / addons / improvements :

  • The overall performance is now at least as good as in the last official stable
    release (1.26)

  • When you`ve assigned a MIDI controller message (CC) via the Remotemapper and
    record the tweaks, that CC message is no longer recorded into the pattern as
    a “normal” CC Message, but only processed by the Remotemapper.

  • You can toggle the prehearing of samples again in the DiskOp

  • You can now export and import FXP and FXB VSTi presets in the VSTInstrument
    settings (no longer in the external editor window)

  • Keyjazz recording improvements : chords and single notes are now always recorded
    from the currently selected notecolumn, without affecting the columns to the left
    of it. This lets you place and record chords and notes more precisely.

On behalf of the whole Renoise team,
taktik @

edit by It-Alien:
I’ve put the install instructions in [u]red underlined bold font[/u], hoping to avoid another flood of “I can’t install 1.27” posts… <_<

this is possibly the greatest way to end a post that i’ve ever seen

but yes, excellent! i’ll check it out shortly. :D

Have it installed; delighted largely… but more so by the suggestion of what’s going on underneath the hood. … eh? :blink:

got it installed :rolleyes:

bugs later, I´m playful now

Is it just me or is the new RC version COMPLETELY white??

Right when I’d got used to the Blue version :unsure:

Still, huge props for the fast-working renoise team!

(PS: Wouldn’t a selection of skins from each Renoise-version be a good idea? Like, you could have the blue skin, the black skin (which i liked) and this white skin we got now… just a suggestion)

Dear Renoise team,

All the bugs I reported are seemingly gone. Killed. Smashed and eaten by my neighbour’s dogs.

Thanks!! :D

I’ve uninstalled every previous version of Renoise, and indeed, it’s pretty white after installing this version Some buttons have the expected colours though.

It’s way too bright and i can’t imagine that this ‘white theme’ was carefully chosen by the renoise team as the new look :)

I guess this will need a 'lil fix.



about that white-bug:

please delete config.xml (or rename it)

please report if that white-effect occures again.

about 32 bit mode : its slower, since there are more bits we need to copy/move/analyse in the graphic routines. 16 bit mode is way faster.

track-move buttons are now right to the pattern-editor. in that block where you can use the remote-mapper ie.

and about that white screen… please try chaning your desktop resolution (16 / 32 bit) and report again.

indeed you are not the first one to notice this: I’ve already reported it on a previous topic, and TakTik replied that he changed the compiler, coming back to the previous one, which produces slower but apparently better floating point calculations.

It resulted in a far brighter sound, and also in a far better mixing (experienced in messy multitrack songs, where some sounds which just got “ghosted” in the mess now are reproduced brightly.

My appreciations for having associated the better quality to a floating point improvement :)

Another thing I wanted to add:
I report ReNoise 1…27 RC1 to be as fast as 1.26 on my P3 733 with 592 MB RAM.
Wohoo!! :D

I actually wonder what’s was better in that compiler, though :)

another curiosity:

probably, the “low priority” button didn’t work in 1.26, did it?

I tell you why: now I’ve started a render to disk with 1.27rc1. It almost freezed everything here. It didn’t occur on 1.261. So I’ve pressed the “low priority” checkbox and everything went smooth again, while in 1.261 nothing chaged when pressing it: it was smooth in both ways.

seems like in 1.261 the rendering process was always in low priority, because now 1.261 has exactly the same rendering speed the 1.27 has in low priority, while with higher priority is much faster but almost freezed my PC.

A hooray for the Renoise team :)
Very well done indeed.
I also can confirm that the soundquality has increased :D

but um… well I have a problem here…

maybe it´s my system but when I decrease the processingbuffer size to 256 and lower
I get heavily crackles and pops while playing even when I adjusted the latency up 500 :(

Config: AMD XP2000+ ; 512MB DDR a 266MHz; K7VTA3 Board (Elitegroup) and a cute SB PCI 4.1 (similar PCI 128) :angry:

anyway no more bugs found

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

This is probably not caused by a bug in renosie. Too low buffer size will always cause pops and crackle. This is dependent in the first place on the audio-card and it’s drivers, but also on how fast your computer is (processor, bus speed etc)…

dufey: open a new skin. Then open the skin “Alternative4”. Is it the same?

Celcius theme is ok, but I think streetvibes is the best of them all. :)

this release candidate has a pretty solid feel to it. no crashes or other serious flaws so far.
there still are some minor things like the clicks and pops you get when playing for example a sampled string/pad instrument with NNA enabled. every new note hit creates a pretty undecent click, especially well-noticable when the sample has a slow attack.

another issue, which is not a definate bug, but still should and could be implented for

  1. higher compatability to .xm files
  2. more comfortable song writing
    is a tiny little modification to the sample offset command (09xx).

i really use it ALOT and in FT2 it used to remember the previous sample offset value if you entered 0900 in the effect row.
other effects like pitchslide up/down and portamento to note also work in the same way, even in renoise - but sample offset is for some odd reason an exception.

here’s an example for how it works perfectly with pitchslide
00 C#5 02 … 020a <— effect is being initiated and set to value “0a”
01 — 02 … 0200 <— effect is still active with value “0a”
02— 02 … 0200 <— effect is still active with value “0a”

i think the same should apply for sample offset? but it doesn’t.
you always have to enter a value for the sample offset to make it work, no matter what you’ve set it to before, 0900 won’t do anything but the play the sample without any offset. so it basically does the same as playing a note without any effect entries.
it would purely rock if you could make 0900 behave like it is with pitchslides and alike, and it wouldn’t cause any incompatbilities as nobody should’ve used 0900 so far, since it doesnt do anything.

sorry for repeating myself during my explanation, but i’m a bit uncertain if i could make myself clear ;)

thanks for a wonderful product.

line47: that’s what we often call “a bug”. Now you know what they look like :)
(you might notice the similarity of the “EDIT ON/OFF” button in the upper left of the patterneditor)

Did you do anything in particular before it appeared?
Can you reproduce it? How? Or is it there all the time?

this supatrigga thing does not work for me. it does nothing, even in this rc1. what am I doing wrong ?

Remember that it works using VST time info. You can’t just play an instrument through it, the sequencer has to be running.

Get a drum loop, beatsync it to the entire length of a pattern, add a single note at the top of a track, and press play.

Then you should hear the effect.

thats what I do … nothing happens :confused:

:lol: lol, is this the first time you see this? :) If you read the manual you will probably find many nice things you didn’t have a clue about :lol: ;) hihi j/k ;)