Renoise 1.27 Rc2 Is Available For Registered Users

About this release :

As the title says : Wee need some more time to proofread the new manual.
The release build is ready, so we decided to have another RC release to
be sure that now everything is fixed that is fixable.

As I`ve mentioned in the previous release comments: we would like to
have the stables release possible before starting with the new upcoming
big features, thats why this release takes so long.

Some problems are not fixed though, and will not be fixed in the 1.27 final
release as its to dangerous to fix them now :

  • Instrument and track envelopes will under some circumstances
    not play what you see in hermite mode. So use the linear or point
    mode to be sure to get what you see or trust your ears only :)

  • When aborting to load samples in kontakt while loading a song, Renoise
    will crash

  • When saving a song, it doesnt validate if there is enough free space on
    the disk

These problems will of course be fixed in the 1.3 release !

Also, the import of MP3 samples is disabled in this build. It works without
flaws now, but we have to clear some patent issues before we can include
it in the final release.

Howto install :

You dont need to run the installer if you have RC01 installed. If you havnt
installed RC01, run the installer that you find in the userpages below
the download link to the executeable.

Howto report problems or bugs :

As usual in this forum or to But be fast please ! The
final release is scheduled for the next Monday !

History (changes since RC1) :

============= new stuff / addons / improvements :

± All native effects will clear their buffers now when you turn them off
with a patterneffect of by pressing the “mute” button. This avoids, that
you hear some “old sounds” when switching them on again.
Also all native effects buffers get cleared when pressing “Panic”.

± Instrument envelope presets will now store and recall also the loop,
sustain, decay and LFO settings

± The last used size of the Diskop directory and file view is now stored in
the preferences

============= Fixed :

<- Paning was reserved in the last RC version.

<- VstProblems :

  • Changing presets while playing could cause a crash with some VSTi`s
    (Absynth for example)
  • TC-works sometimes crashed when fidling around with the editor’s

<- The “Suppatrigger” VST effect works again now. It was disabled by accident in the last RC

<- When importing old Renoise 1.2 Songs, empty instruments showed “Midi Cha”
instead of nothing

<- The loop playing direction was reseted when gliding notes

<- You could delete notes when not in edit mode. Now you cannot edit anything
in the pattern when edit mode is off

<- The little switch ‘Edit On/Off’ on the top left of the pattern editor
didnt switched the edit mode when clicking with the mouse on it

<- FPU problems (tracks got silent under rare circumstances) with the new Moog
Filter. Could also result in a crash when the scopes where visible.

<- “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver” and “ASIO Multimedia Driver” (Cubase
installs them) will no longer be shown in the ASIO device list. They
are terribly slow and seem to work only with Cubase.

<- Fixed a crash, when an ASIO driver reported an error under rare circumstances.

<- Column off didn`t worked with MIDI instruments.

<- When vertically scrolling patterns with mouse-wheel to the last line, the
yellow bar in the automation went out of range and appeared between others
controls on the right.

<- When rendering in multitrack mode (one file per track), the rendered tracks
didnt go into the appropriate directory “xxxxxx Rendered”, but remained in
the upper directory.

<- The vibrato effects worked only in the LAST effect column of a track.

<- When you`ve set pulse or sine as waveform in the instrument envelopes to
modulate the pitch, the pitch was constantly rising instead of only modulating.

<- When recording with a MIDI keyboard, without having the cursor in a note column,
sometimes the notes didnt got recorded at all or in the wrong note column.

Thanks again for helping us, making this release the as stable as possible !

hmm… in the user pages it says:
Renoise v 1.27 RC 1 [Tue, 5 Aug 2003 00:46:30 +0200] [new]

confusing, that is… ;)

You where just too fast :) Its updated now …

Great, havent discovered any oddities, well only perhaps maybe, something …

In my M Audio Delta Control Panel i can choose 768 samples for DMA buffer size, should processingbuffersize in Renoise not be able to do that too?.. just a thought :ph34r: yeah i know, I may be f*cking a fly here.

The render to disk function is SO MUCH faster than the previous version on my XP2200! Did you dump that certain compiler that was supposed to be optimized for AMD processors? I am very happy now. More than 3-4 times the speed I would guess…


about the rendering:
as I’ve already said before, the low priority button didn’t work in renoise 1.26, that’s why now the high priority mode is faster.

that was a good feature, maybe you could do an option in config to turn on/off this one…

Set “Space Rec/Stop Mode” to “Renoise” and turn on edit and you never have to turn it off again. This would basically give the same result as edit always is on then.

Nearly bugfree version so far :) but :(

I fall over 4 crashes in the last time :(

Here´s my try to reproduce:

I load a song, play it, then I stop the song and wait until that any output has stopped. Then I load another song. This works fine.

So here is the problem of mine. I loaded a song, then I play it, while playing I´m going to load an another module and then Renoises freezes. I can simply do nothing (I tried to wait 20min so far). My only chance in to alt+strg+del and kill Renoise. This happened some more times

So it seems that there is any output left when I´m going to load a tune that Renoise itself hangs completly up.

Hoped this was clear enough. :(

Set “Space Rec/Stop Mode” to “Renoise”

Its really time to make this by default to the Renoise mode. I really see no reason why you want to disable the record mode when starting to play.

I`ve added this option in the early days of noisetracker as FTII people simply where used to it. But I see no reason why we should inherit also the bad parts of FTII.

So here is the problem of mine. I loaded a song, then I play it, while
playing I´m going to load an another module and then Renoises freezes.
I can simply do nothing (I tried to wait 20min so far). My only chance in to
alt+strg+del and kill Renoise. This happened some more times

So it seems that there is any output left when I´m going to load a tune
that Renoise itself hangs completly up.

Does this happen only with a specific song ? Did this happened also in the last RC or beta versions ? Can you send me the song ?

it’s not something bad… it is part of FT2, no matter how it looks like… i used to this, i felt pain (really) when i tryed to use renoise’s mode. you know, sometimes you know the girl is bad, but you love her, here the same.

This same thing happened to me 3-4 times with RC1 but it only seemed to do it with certain FX that I maybe haven’t tested with Renoise before. It would only happen if I attempted to load the effect whilst the song is playing.

I haven’t got a song I could send you I’m afraid because every time I had to do Ctrl-Alt-Del and Renoise didn’t save a crash file.

I’ll do some tests with RC2 tomorrow and I’ll see if I can recreate it and which plugs cause the problem. I am still a relative nOOB though so dunno if I’m the right person for the job? It maybe a problem with the VST FX, I will test any that cause a crash in 1.261 as well…

Also, is there a reason why the Waves VST plug-ins won’t work with Renoise? Does it have something to do with the shell?



Sorry, ignore this part please! I missed the other thread…


girls tell me that too… I don’t understand :o :lol:

i unfortunately stumbled about another issue which is as trivial as important:
when deleting files with the diskop’s DEL function, there’s no confirmation screen before the file actually gets deleted - as soon as you give the click on a file with the del mode on, it’s gone and away forever.

so it’s like i just renamed multiple files with the diskop, and the DEL function is right below the REN function… well, you already might presume what accidentally happened after renaming a couple of files… :angry:

so i beg you, add a screen which let’s the occasionally distracted user, like me, confirm the file deletion.

(ps. after deleting a file, renoise’s status bar informs you about the circumstance, that the respective file has been moved to recycle bin; which is a misbelief. i checked my bin right after deleting and it was plain empty…)

i prefer the ft2 mode (simply because it’s what i’m used to)

i don’t really get the point of the renoise one… could you explain it quickly?

haven’t used the program yet, but one little minor unimportant thing…

why is it always i keep every version of renoise i download, just in case i get better performance on an older version (which never happens, but it might someday).

i dunno, it’s a minor thing, but it would save me renaming the file to exactly which version it is before i download the next. :)

And I would ask the oposit, what is the point of the FT2 one? The Renoise one keep the record-mode in the state is was before you start playing the song, sounds much more intuitive to me than to turn record-mode off (as in FT2 mode)…

@Taktik: yes, not just set Renoise-mode as default, please remove the FT2 option, so some old FT2-users wil be forced to get used to changes ;) It is not a day too soon :rolleyes: ;) :D j/k

  1. I agree with Keith303, delete confirmation is a must.
  2. The Render dialog does not remember last chosen directory, nor the filename.