Renoise 1.5.1 and Voting-Section

Good news, everyone!

A new Renoise version has been made available! At the moment this version is available to registered users only. Public versions of the Renoise 1.5.1 release will be made available in a few days. If you are going to upgrade your version to 1.5.1 registered, do not forget to install Renoise 1.5.1 Demo first. Renoise 1.5.1 Demo-version downloads are available on the licence agreement page shown right before you can start the download of the registered version.

So, what is new in this release? First we have some OS-X related improvements. One of the greatest enhancements is the faster GUI – which comes at a cost. You need to update your Panther to the version 10.3.9, Tiger users do not need to worry. The update can be done by using the “Software Update” applet available on every OS-X setup or via the web by downloading the Combined Update:…update1039.html

Furthermore, we have updated the backstage-area with the long awaited feature-voting section. We have collected the most requested features from the community and assembled them into a survey. Everyone with a valid Renoise licence can participate. The results will be made public on Aug. 24, 2005. Let us explain how it how this voting system works:

Every participant is given a certain amount of virtual credits which he can spend on several features. Each feature can be given an importance ranking by choosing from “No vote”, “Sounds useful”, “That would definitely be an improvement”, “This is very important” and “This is a must-have feature”. The more important a feature is to you, the more it will cost you. More precisely, the features cost 0,2,4 and 8 credits and you will be given a total amount of 80 virtual credits. This is 40% less than the sum of all features when voted with the maximum weight (“this is a must-have-feature”).

So, you have once again the opportunity to influence in which way Renoise will advance.

Change log:

  • OSX: Improved compatibility for OS X Tiger.

± OSX: The OS X version will now save a crash-backup when
something bad happens and Renoise unexpectedly quits. You
will hopefully never need this feature, but it is good
to be on the safe side, isn’t it? The crash-backups are
saved at

± Major GUI performance improvements, especially on OS X

± Some minor audio engine performance improvements

± Ghost notes: Renoise now supports “Ghost notes”, a feature
you might already know from FT II or other trackers: When
using instrument envelopes, you can
prevent the retriggering of the corresponding envelope(s) by
removing the instrument number value in the pattern like

C-4 01 … 0000 -> this will trigger instrument nr. 01
— … … 0000
D-4 … … 0000 -> so will this, but the envelopes

Awesome :w00t:

edit: I just logged on to and it says in the left top of the page: WORK DOMAIN! And the downloads are still pre-builds? Just wondering if I logged on to the right place :huh: well I guess I am cause I could vote ;)

Wow, that’s great! :yeah:

Aw, no multipattern feature to vote for. :(
See arranger topic

Edit: I have points left to spend, can I put 30 on multipattern? :lol:

thanks for the hint, i have fixed the problem. The server was still configrued for the development mode. And yes, beta is correct since it may contain serious bugs we did not discover yet.

About recording, it says recording in sample editor. Will this mean that it’s not possible to record in time with a pattern playing, and then have that align perfectly with the pattern? Meaning it would be a recording function akin to the one in FT2, i.e. one that is not usable for (multi)tracking.

I mean, from what I remember, the meta device idea for recording to an instrument/sample slot was the one that gained most votes before, so this seems a little weird.

The record feature you can vote for is not related to a audio-track recording. This feature is way more complicated than it seems in the first place (unfortunately). But it is still something we can talk about for future releases.

Great work guys. This should be interesting :)

But like hcys the feature I really miss in the voting is streaming of files.
Is that to be included in recording in sampleditor, or in arranger, or even in better RNI?
Or is it out of the question as a renoise feature? :ph34r:


pulsar, ok I understand. If ASIO input does get implemented, energyXT could be used for audio track recording, so that would be a good workaround. Considering the price of eXT it might even be a long-term solution. ;)

if the rewire-slave-support is built in, then you can record and play audiotracks in a rewire-master, that’s enough for me ;) vote for rewire!!

great :yeah:

only it seems to me that we have too much credits to spend :) we can vote “must have” to most features :)

EDIT: and can you add there “proper freez function”? plizzzzzzzz :w00t:


nice! B)

which os x variant are you using exactly ? If it is Panther, did you update to 10.3.9 ?

Unfortunately adding or removing options from a survey or a voting after it has started is not possible (actually it is, but it would falsify the current votes). And maybe you are right, 80 Credits may be too much, but i am sure there will be a second voting with the top 5 winners of this voting to get more detailed results.

Nice, indeed! :)

Now, I have a few questions about the voting options. I just want to be sure about their meaning…
If you have a link to a thread about any of these, that’s nice.

“A Renoise VST plug” means Renoise as a VSTi, right?

“Improved Instrument (RNI) structure”. Like, layers and stuff…?

“Sub-tick timing”. What’s this useful for? More precision/resolution than a tick?

“More (and more complex) MIDI mappings”. This would be used also for controlling the commands in Renoise itself, not only VSTis, right?

I have the same problem running 10.4.2, ie. blank startupscreen and then a crash.

The ‘Demo’ version works fine, but after i run the ‘updater’ to get the fullversion something gets really f****upp here.

ermi, you’re right on all of 4

thanks for the info.

Right now you will need to stay with 1.5 finl then. Unfortunately next update wont be available before the beginning of august - taktik is on vaccactions and i am not familiar with the mac code :(

Meanwhile i will be collecting all bugreports and try to find similarities here.

thanx for the update … seems that 1.5.1. loads songs a little faster … :)

please devs don’t forget the unfinished mid-import/export feature of Renoise in future versions.

Ok, so, what do you think are the pros/cons of having Renoise connected to Cubase (or similar) as a VSTi instead of ReWire?

I guess with ReWire (I never used it) Renoise would be able to work exactly as standalone, right?

With VSTi you’d need to have the host open. That’s for sure.
And then, as a VSTi, would Renoise have all the features, like: full screen, keyboard shortcuts, VSTis inside Renoise, …?

I’m sad to see that there is no option for voting for support for samples in lossless formats (FLAC, Wavpack etc), since that would be my no 1 vote (besides sub-tick timing). Oh well, thanks for the update! :)