Renoise 1.5 Alpha 4 / Win32 Released

*** Renoise 1.5 alpha 4 is released!

Tonight we have released yet another alpha version of Renoise 1.5.
Renoise 1.5a4 has many more bugfixes, and some performance improvements.

*** We need your help!

The testing procedure is the same as always, read about it here
if you haven’t done so already. But even if there are several obvious
bugs left, we’re getting to a semi-stable state where most bugs happen
only on rare occasions. This makes it more difficult to find and hunt
down those little bastards. That’s why we need your help more than ever
to make Renoise 1.5 as stable as possible.

*** So how can you help?

You don’t need to be a programmer to help us fix the, you just need to
test the program on your computer and tell us as much about the problems
you encounter as you can. A good bugreport tells us:

  1. Exact steps to make the bug happen again. If these are good, and we
    can see the bug with the same steps on our machines, it is usually
    easy to fix. If we can’t spot the bug, it might depend on the system
  2. Your system configuration. In particular Windows or MacOS version,
    processor type, soundcard, driver type you use (ASIO or DX) and video card
    can be important.
  3. If it is a crash, include the logfiles you find in the Renoise program
    directory. These are called “Log.txt” and “Crashlog.txt”.

*** Help by tracking down when the bug is happening.

Try to report the circumstances of the bugs and the bug itself as
precise as possible. Some bugs might only happen in complex songs, so
the first thing that you should do before reporting the issue, is trying
to make it reproduceable in a clean environment. “Clean environment”
means: Restart Renoise, and then do the things that you did the last time
when the bug occoured. If you can’t reproduce it in this clean environment,
try it again in with the song that you worked with as the bug occured, and
try if it is reproduceable with this song. If its only reproducable with
this specific song (or another filetype), upload it to somewhere and post
a link in you report or send it via mail to

*** Help us reproducing already reported bugs.

In addition to finding and reporting any new bugs you can find, we need
help to reproduce some already reported bugs. The forum section marked
[???] is full of reported bugs we have not been able to reproduce.
Let us know if you can or can not reproduce these bugs, and if possible
fill in with more detailed steps to produce. In these cases it’s particularly
important to know your system configuration. This way we may know if the
bug depends on the system configuration or not, and will help to find out
the root of the problem.

*** Re-test already reported bugs.

And finally, please let us know if a bug that is not yet marked as fixed does
no longer happen with the new build, so that we could pin and remove it.

A big thanks to you all from the Renoise team for the great testing you’ve done
so far, and continue on the great job! brought me here, to renoise’s main page ( What’s wrong?

edit: nevermind. It’s, not You mispelled the URL in the mailing list’s email. :)


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fu***! i need to pay more attention next time. shoot me please :(

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already prevented it and reconfigured our server :)

Well, I can not even start this alpha-version. It crach just after the splash-screen before the GUI is rendered.
I had no problems with the last alpha…

This is the crach log

Version : Renoise V1.5a4
Builddate : Aug 26 2004

Handling Exception! Code : C0000005

–# FV EIP----- RetAddr- FramePtr StackPtr Symbol

0 .V 005452dd 005523e0 0012fc44 00000000

1 .V 005523e0 004c6b85 0012fc60 00000000

2 .V 004c6b85 0041ba08 0012fca0 00000000

3 .V 0041ba08 005b205c 0012fcec 00000000

4 .V 005b205c 00586a65 0012fd04 00000000

5 .V 00586a65 006475b0 0012fd14 00000000

6 .V 006475b0 0052f807 0012fda8 00000000

7 .V 0052f807 005b76dd 0012fdf0 00000000

8 .V 005b76dd 005b7832 0012fe24 00000000

9 .V 005b7832 00565df4 0012fe64 00000000

10 .V 00565df4 00444e1c 0012fe98 00000000

11 .V 00444e1c 7c816d4f 0012ffc0 00000000

12 .V 7c816d4f 00000000 0012fff0 00000000
RegisterWaitForInputIdle 73 bytes

My setup:

PC with AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.53GHz
Asus A7V333 Raid, Firewire
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96
Midiman Midisport 4x4 USB MIDI-interface
1280MB DDRam 333Mhz
Leadtek nVidia GeForce 4 Titanium 4400 128MB

After I have removed the config.xml it works again. It is maybe a good idea to add some error-message that is presented to the user if this happens ;)

Let me just imitate mr. Burns… eeeeexcellent

Better add these Vservers too:

Just in case for those that can’t read the posts properly at all.

Offtopic: nice tune in your sig, vvoois, it’s got a definate oldskool sid sound to it ;)

This alpha roks! Even my UAD-1 likes it, yummy :dribble:

thanks for the new alpha ! this version is much better, i could work 4 hours last night without a crash ! congrats !

Yeah looks great… those GUI animations looks much smoother when adding a track dsp for example…

anyone interested in testing my self-made color theme?
get it here :D

Right mousebutton -> Save Target As :blink:
track-on :guitar: :yeah:

yay, this is getting more and more stable, good job dear devs :)

you don’t seem to like the textured GUI, do you? :blink:

If you apply Leaves texture to my color theme… it looks nice yeah (i forgot about the texture thing) :D

Damn, I don’t have Windows atm…

Bantai: I love this theme, but I don’t think it’s possible to work with it. :D

this should become renoise 1.5’s default skin, to keep it really underground.

LOL, I got headache after looking at that picture for 3 seconds. Best skin ever :D

Have you tried increasing the audiolatency ?

yeah now you mention it i had the same using ReFX vanguard vsti… also hearing ticks and plops … attack didnt work here… but i havent tried increasing audiolatency yet

And it still crashes every 20 mins…