Renoise 1.5 Alpha 7 / Win32 Released

Dear Renoisers,

A new Alpha release is available (Win32 only, OS X will follow shortly)
on the userpages.

Thanks to your great support in our Bug Report forum, Renoise 1.5 is
already now pretty stable. All major bugs and flaws on the PC platform
are solved. The OS X port is also stable, but there are some known bugs
which we want to fix and test before going into the public.

This is the last 1.5 alpha release, which means that the next release
will be available to everyone as a beta release.
No major changes (featurewise) to the program will be done from now on,
to avoid that new bugs pop up with the new features - to guarantee the
quality of this release. So if you have more feature-request related
ideas, please do not post them as bugs in the bug forum, but into the
ideas and suggestions forum. All ideas are welcome and will be considered
for the next major updates.

Again we would also like to ask you to help us with the [???] marked
threads located at :

Those are bugs which we could not reproduce. Any comment on those
could help, so if you expereince same sort of strange behaviour, lets us
know what your enviroment is, and how you could summon those little

nice Taktik! I will test the new build…

sweet. it’ll be great to get more user feedback once the public beta becomes available. go devs! :walkman:

Greeeeeeeat!!! :D :D :D

Rok! All my troubles seems so far away.

1.5a7 is looking splendid so far!
one can’t be grateful enough for the eminent work the devs are performing here, so thanks a lot for that!

oh and bantai, the automation envelope presets were already present in the previous alpha version and i gotta say i really do appreciate them.
too bad we ain’t got those lovely presets for vol/pan/pitch envelopes as well. hinthint* ;)

no, it does not. it dies while “searching for new VST plugins” even if you ruin all of them and config.xml as well… looks like we gotta wait another month for something that probably will work.

Press Scroll Lock, or read the manual :)

no, you are not dumb:
ReNoise manual is not available for now (it is alpha, after all), but you can find some very useful stuff on ReNoise Wiki hosted by vvoois, which is going to be the official ReNoise online resource in the near future.

either we’re both dumb, or there is no 1.5 manual.
but i’m quite positive that it’s the latter case… ;)

@bantai, ye but it’s cool you made the effort and posted the new features; i’ve always been missing such a listing when a new alpha was released :)

check the little numeric value in the upper left corner of the pattern view. it can be altered by either dragging it up/down by mouse or double-clicking it in order to enter a specific value.

And another one:

-Pattern row numbers now show 3 digits! Try making a pattern longer than 99 lines :) :D

I assume we’ll get these in the beta? I’m dying for those intrument presets. I find the new envelope editor really clunky to use (I suppose I don’t know how to properly use it yet).

I’m runing a7 on 98SE and it goes sweet.

And I miss the “Mix” and “Half” buttons…hope the devs are considering bringing them back, because layering is so important for everything from basslines to pads to percussion…(one impression I’ve got of late is that dnb producers with releases often either layer up to three sounds together or, if they don’t layer, put a single sound through multiple warmer/valve/saturation plugins or hardware.)

But the “Process Track FX” button now behaving with the compressor is cause for celebration enough for now. B)

seems to be a bug … must be pattern-lenght.



huh? :huh:


Currently can’t login to check out why my A7 is different from yours (for some reason my password does not work anymore) → I don’t see the word ‘length’ anywhere.

But it wasn’t intended to be pattern length but pattern-number.
Either way, it’s overkill anyway, but some person was complaining about the more usability of the select buttons in the old pattern sequencer around the Alpha 5 topic. The only extra about that feature is two extra ways to increase / decrease the patternnumber in the sequencer.

I think both just waste space :)

But thats just MHO :D


props to the maker of this website! some nice explanations in there!