Renoise 1.5 Alpha / Win32 Released

Attention registered users, Renoise 1.5 Alpha has been released and is waiting for you to download it at the ususal place.

since we did not finish writing changelogs and readmes for the new version, please have a look at this thread :…f=3&t=4303&st=0

and this arcticle:

The mac alpha version will be released ASAP, probably later today.

Futhermore we have added a new forum-secion (last one) for Renoise 1.5 Bugreports only.

Download renoise 1.5 Alpha at

Looks good :drummer:

It’s beautiful…I love the new envelopes, and the new spectrum analyzer, and I haven’t even begun to explore. The GUI’s faster, and it even seems to sound better. Wicked job developers! :yeah:


I´m amazed, it´s so cool looking and it is really faster.
A little confusing are the new buttons but that´s maybe because I´m still used to the older version :)

It’s here! Wonderful! Can’t belive it!

And I’m drunk as hell… Can’t believe it!


Excellent work gentlemen, Renoise 1.5 is a hit!

Like the new GUI / workflow with less cpu cycles. Good job team. :D :D

Well done on the GUI - it rocks! :yeah: :w00t:

BUT, I’ve already found a bug :huh:
All my songs are playing too fast?
I hope you guys have a good bug report system up because I’ve found some serious ones already. :blink:

EDIT: More details -

When I run in Directsound the song plays normal speed but when I switch to ASIO it runs at a much higher speed, I think it also affects the sample pitch?
AMD Athlon64 FX-53, 1GB DDR RAM, Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro 7.1 - using ASIO (if possible)…

Further EDIT:
Yep, ASIO not only cranks up the tempo but also pitches the instrument higher.
I’d rate this as a serious bug. :P

Further, further EDIT:

OK the new GUI totally kicks ass, tooltips for everything!
Thankyou guys! :)

Jesus, this program feels so powerful… :blink: :w00t:


I have the same problem.
Where is it??

“The usual place” sounds like just clicking “downloads”, but that’s not where it is…

Only registered users can download the alpha of renoise. :D

Public release wont be to long of a wait.

I AM a registered user.

However, I didn’t receive an e-mail with the “usual” location of the new version.
Aren’t the developers going to send an e-mail out with the URL?

The “usual place” is:
From there it’ll ask for your authentication. Your username is the first and last name your software is registered in. If you’ve forgotten your password, the site can email it to your email account.


I don’t download a new version of Renoise every day :D

You had to download it sometime! If you kept your orginal email the link would have been available as well.

Its in the same place renoise has always been. In the registered download area ;)

Sleek stuff, thx a bunch.

wohoo !
great job!


Nice job mates, I like it! :dribble:

It looks alot nicer. :dribble:

Quick question. I used to switch to other tracks by just right-clicking on the track (which was probably the wrong way to do it) but now I get a pop-up when I right click. What’s the quick way to switch to another track? I know about TAB, but that just goes in one direction?


!!! :ph34r:

When I start Renoise 1.5 it only tells me that the alpha testing period is over.

:unsure: :(

As it turned out it was my computer clock that was set to september 1st.

The alpha testing period will atleast not exceed a month :).

I’m stupid. :huh: Duh!

SHIFT + Tab hops to the previous track :)