Renoise 1.5 Coming Soon!




:drummer: :drummer: :D

yipeee :o

just got the respective e-mail twice, so it must be true :blink:

:D damn! you are fast. just finished sending the newsletter and only few minutes later this thread…

anyway, here is a copy & paste of the mail for those who arent subscribed (or did subscribe with an invalid email address - got over 200 bounces)

what a nice sunday gift! … i think a great august is coming … e-mu updates … renoise alpha … what else!!! :rolleyes:

HAAAA !!! Multitimbral VSTi support!! That means I’m gonna be able to use GPO and other goods with Renoise without having to launch one instance per program ! :) Kudos noisy team ! :)

and continuous editing of following patterns is going to be so cool!! :)

Erm, Doom 3… :lol:

Sounds Great!!! :)

I thought I was subscribed though? :)

me too… didnt get an e-mail. :(

maybe even add HL2 :)


or ICO 2 ? :)

double mail recipients:

i send the mail to the newsletter subscribers AND to the registered users, so you are both of them ;)

What a day… This is too much.

I firstly came to CTGmusic forums just to notice that my song was taken to the new CTG mix, then I downloaded the mail and received the newsletter… :D

What will come next?


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Hot diggedy, will I have a nice vacation in August? I think so muchachos :D Cheers to the devs!

maybe the third try of a release date?! this is the second! B) :P :lol:

but the first newsletter since the last version probably AFAIR.

Damn, I’m happy… Listening to the mix, waiting for my track to come :P.

Is there any more info on what this entails?

rendering a selection to an instrument?

like “render to sample slot xx”, right?

multitimbral vst support…cool, is it possible to play several presets at same time from one vst?

hmmm…mayby i really have to seriously think about to register renoise. is it possible via snailmail, idon´t have any cradit card/paypal shhit.

See the screenshots.