Renoise 1.5 Development Status here you go :D

i am going to hardwire this article as the entrance page for

Very nice article pulsar! :)
You can never get enough info about renoise development B)

not many developers inform their users in such a good and detailed manner.

keep it up


Yeah it’s a great review :D

Maybe I should read it first :P

GREAT WORK RENOISE-TEAM … now the GUI looks great to me too! really sexy! i hope the old pattern-fonts are still available in 1.5 … but … but … but i still miss level-meters ;) ;) ;)

Read the article…

It’s great, but has one huuuuge disadventage…


BTW, don’t forget to port Renoise to Linux some day when you have free time :D.

Its looking very smart & tidy Renoise devs. It looks like a helluva lot of work went into it :yeah:

btw is the dissonance thing that you guys were talking about in this thread
fixed in Renoise 1.5. I’m just wondering, hope it doesnt sound bad, as 1.5 looks great already.

I’m very happy for the spectrum analyzer!! :rolleyes:

Also the native VSTi editor is nice…

Amazing, just… amazing


Looks VERY userfriendly, bet even a 5 year old could figure THIS out :)

Can’t wait for the release!!!

You could try reading the thread you’re linking to :P (The answer is yes.)

Ah sweet! Nice and easy reading material, kudos on that one Pulsar. I cherish such news like bacon and eggs. Can’t wait!

Very well written! It seams like you are doing a great job! It also looks very hot, very professional.

What about sending that out as a newsletter…

You deserve the best!

ahhh… the fire-breathing gods of the forum are now appeased.

great work :D

OK, thanks. Its just that it wasnt mentioned in the Development Status page.

again great work. :yeah:

WOW! :)

Amazing work! Really great! :yeah:

i have been toying around with some screenrecording tools. just uploaded a small test movie:

(xvid codec, i recommend ffdshow decoder :

I realy LOVE Renoise, and will probably love it even more the day this version is released :D

“Track, pattern and sequence number is now practically unlimited.” Does this also applies to columns???

nope. still 12 columns.

Nice article indeed :yeah:

Ok you changed my opinion :rolleyes:

Now I can´t also wait for 1.5 :D

great stuff :) but the framerate seems a little low (5 fps)… might need to scale it up when capturing of realtime waveforms is concerned. and the interface can’t really be seen clearly, the words are blurred and small (132kb/s,0.343bpp). that could be improved i suppose, at the expense of size.

btw even your divx decoder filter can decode this xvid file.

well, i wanted it this way. captured it using huff codec (runlength compression) @ 5fps / and scaled it down. i am toying with it coz i want to make some kind of interactive manual, and filesize DOES matter :D actually i am pretty experienced with video editing and encoding (i.e. manual inverse telecining stuff… yuck)… i think its a good tradeoff between quality and filesize. this one was not intended to show the brilliance of renoise gui, screenshots do it much better.