Renoise 1.5 Development Status

wowie ! cant wait for that one, seems to be a giant leap forward. one thing though I saw : please make sure this sample-preview-thing also works with the cursor-keys and enter (means, cursorkeys to preview next/last file and enter to load).

It does. Of course we`ve checked this :)

:o I’m actually not far from crying… this looks… absolutely wonderful!


the upcoming 1.5 revision looks really promising.
but i just can’t resist asking for something which still bugs me the most with the current release:
will speed (not bpm/tempo) changes still influence the sync of VST clients?
if it’s not clear what i’m talking about, here’s a small reminder.

maybe an option like “sync speed to vst clients [enabled/disabled]” would be nice.
well, just lemme know what you’re up to, 'cause if this behaviour will stay the way it is i can as well start to re-edit ~70% of my titles just right now already…

Screen Recorder 2 -

great ! :D

and another thing which just popped in my mind : if you have all these cascaded menus, there is one thing I would also like to see :
if I click on a sample in the sample-slot, a “go to original directory” option would be nice. means, if I choose that, the diskbrowser goes to the directory that sample was loaded from. because sometimes I try out different drum-combinations and browse back and forth between my snare and basedrum folders or sometimes I simply forget where I loaded a sample from. :rolleyes:

thank you oh mighty gods of renoise. i cant wait for this :D

i did try camstudio among many other free ones. shotting this video with screen recorder was just to test this application aswell, i have some others which are freeware aswell installed over here. i already said, i was just toying with those tools.

Ooh! Editable text labels! That’s awesome!

Wan’t it, Need it, Crave it…

Haha, funny how we all go nuts over new versions… :D

Ah well, gotta admit my reaction to the whole news text (nice one, pulsar) would be described as… a sneeze, only better. :P

Respect, cudos etc etc etc, I’m still looking for the “donate”-button! Felt like sending some money after that article!!!

Excellent news update, thank you Pulsar. Took ya longer than I expected, but it was worth the wait. Hope that’s a sign. ;)

yup, agreed. maybe a small ‘zoom in’ window that tracks the mouse cursor would be good. since noobs need to know what they’re clicking on too.

am i asking too much? :)

MOS DEF! inately… uhhh :mellow:

i’ve actually been trying to talk programmer friends i have into working for you guys. i just got a job at an engineering college. maybe i should take programming classes.

Would a Linux port or Renoise be hard/long to achieve ?

Maybe it depends of how Renoise is built ? (I’m no programmer so I don’t know).

Another question for the Renoise devteam: What do you use to make the GUI of Renoise ?

I’m not a developer but this is what I’ve picked up here on the forum…

Renoise was rebuilt/modularized to allow the Mac port. You would guess this also makes it easier for a Linux port, but hey, programming is never easy :) Things take time…

The GUI is based on Direct X and own GUI classes for buttons etc, from what I’ve heard.

One programmer friend of mine is developping a complex game tool/3d engine. He used to use the Microsoft’s MFC for making the GUI… Now he re-did the whole interface using something called “WX Windows”, he says it’s much more easy to use and it instantly works on anything including Mac and Linux…

Maybe Renoise is built on something similar ? :)

linux port : no plans so far

toolkit used : none, renoise has itsown toolkit. using tookits like qt, wx, fox, mfc or similar would be a bad idea. all those tookits immitate the system’s look and feel they are running on, and imho renoise is so popular, because it feels like an tracker not like an windows appliation.

The most important thing, at least in my book, is the lack of driver support and VST support on Linux. Driver support is getting better and there are alternatives to VST, but I just think those two things make it not really worth the uphill battle that a port would be.

Does dis mean we now have pianoroll in 1.5?
and my request to turn on off tracks with numpad? ;)

When do we get to see the full feature list?



ps. looks nice though cant w8 to get my grubby hands on 1.5 :D